jared turns 35 months!

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Jared, Jared's nook, milestones, mum's thoughts

Today my little man turns another month older + exactly a month from now we shall be celebrating his 3rd birthday! Woot! We’re planning to have a simple celebration + earlier this month I have scouted for possible places where we can celebrate.  Anyway, more of that in a separate post.

Now that Jared is 35 months old I’ve noticed a lot of improvement in his vocabulary.  He can now easily repeat words that he hears. Although he still struggles with pronouncing words properly, he can now clearly express what he means, albeit in broken sentences.

He’s also given his potty trainer a go + were able to successfully poop in it on three occasions, much to mum’s delight. Apart from those milestones, the little man’s appetite for solid food has also improved a lot + although I try to feed him more veggies + other healthier food varieties, he’d readily request for one of his favorites ~ hotdogs, chicken, chicken nuggets or soup. I try to give in to his request just to get him eating his solids. Later on, I’d slowly re-introduce greens to get him into a healthy eating habit this early.

Jared, Jared's nook, mum's thoughts, milestones

Jared  also recently shown particular interest in the learning materials that I prepared for him. Gradually, I an introducing coloring sheets + other interesting + educational activities so that he can learn all about shapes, colors, numbers + letters. I also give him fun stuff to play with which can also help improve his other skills like his motor abilities + hand-eye coordination. I will share more of that in future posts as well.

Apart from learning all about that, I am also delighted to note that the little man is now learning a little bit about good manners each day. He’d be quick to say sorry or excuse {sans the “x,” though} whenever needed + would readily return niceties when greeted with a “good morning” or a “good  night.” We just need to work some more on his temper, though, but I guess it will also improve as he grows older.

Looking back , I wonder where all the time went between now + the time I was just carrying him in my big tummy. 3 years ago, I remember watching the coverage of the late President Cory Aquino’s demise + memorial, with Jared kicking inside my tummy, ready to come out in a few weeks’s time, in my then workplace’s pantry during break time. I cannot believe that it has been three years since then! I cannot believe how Jared grew up this big in what seemed like a short span of time. It sure is never easy, bringing up a child into this world + raising him to be happy + unique individual, but I am loving every minute of it!  :heart:

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  1. wow! 3 years old the stage of so much curiosity, the many questions of why, how and what hihi. one more year to go and jared’s ready for school. time flies swiftly isn’t it?

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