jared’s july haircut

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jared's nook, Jared, parenting 101, services for childrenThe little man’s mane has grown considerably long the past 3 months that we’ve never been to the salon, truth is it now falls past his eyes that he’d usually get annoyed by it. That is why we where at the mall first Sunday of the month for a much-needed hair cut. His hair grows way too fast he needs to have it trimmed every few months.

All of the other hair cut episodes are usually highlighted with tears, fit + tantrum, not to mention dodging the barber here + there. I was actually expecting this particular one to be no different. In fact I was bracing myself for another shower of cut hair just like the last time when Jared refused to sit on the car barber chair + settled for mum’s arms instead while having his hair done!

So just imagine my surprise, not to mention my delight, when he peacefully let the barber do his job, save for some occasional dodging here + there, perhaps! He was glued on the telly, which is currently showing his all-time fave movie, Cars! As kuya busied himself trimming the little man’s hair, Jared was intent on watching Lightning McQueen’s progress at the Piston Cup race.

jared's nook, Jared, parenting 101, services for children

The session was soon over sans the drama + the hoopla + I can never be a prouder mum!

The trick:

For a less stressful hair cut session, I advise you to bring your little one when they’re a bit sleepy + tired that they won’t have much energy to fight + fuss. It works wonders for me! ­čśë

Also, consider bringing them to Cuts 4 Tots {https://www.facebook.com/cuts4tots.hairsalon}. I highly recommend this salon for kiddos. We’ve been there on several occasions, + tantrums or not, they always get the job done! Not to mention, they also have a bulk of toys, + a telly with your kiddo’s favorite cartoon on while the haircut progresses, to keep the little ones occupied. ┬áI do not know how their haircutters manage to trim children’s manes inspite of the endless fidgeting + constant squirm, + without cutting an ear or two! ­čÖé

For more stories on my little man, you can check out Jared’s Little Corner! ­čśë

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Disclaimer: No, I was not paid for this post. I am merely sharing a kid-friendly service that might be able to help mums out there, who, like me, aspire to give the best to their little ones ­čÖé

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