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Once you become a mum + a homemaker it goes without saying that home management is one of the many things that you also have to master. It would be much less easier, not to mention less stressful, if I could afford one of those Maids and Moore Housekeeper Services Austin-based. A house help can very well help to get things done in half the time, leaving me with more time in my hands to look after my toddler, or update my blogs, or maybe rest + relax + practically do nothing! Maybe I could relegate some of the chores like doing the laundry or cleaning the house + taking the garbage out so I can focus on cooking meals on time. Also, bathing + washing the little man, as well as doing his laundry, is something that I’d like to attend to personally.

In the meantime, here’s what I do to keep things orderly around the home while I dream of a maid service Austin to come my way:

  • I clean as I go ~ this makes cleaning easier when I do not need to sort through a week’s worth of clutter whenever I am in the mood for cleaning. I throw litter in the trash whenever there is one, as well as clean up all the waste after every time I am done cutting up ingredients for the food I am preparing at the time.
  • I sort through my stuff on a regular basis ~ much like the first one, I also make it a point to go through my computer table + my piles , even the refrigerator, to get rid of anything which should belong to the garbage bin. As much as I can, I try to keep things spic ‘n span, + making sure I throw whatever stuff I chance upon that I no longer need, gets this job done faster + easier.
  • I keep trash bins at the ready ~ I have a trash bin up in the second floor at the ready, it saves me from going up + down the house whenever there’s something to be thrown away. There’s also a trash bin, where I collect all our trash, on standby just outside my house, as well as a box where I keep all the paper, boxes, cans + other recyclable materials, which I give to the friendly garbage man when he picks up the next week.

I know I have yet a long way to go before I master this home management stuff, but I enjoy keeping things tidy + keeping my home orderly so I might as well practice constantly! 😉

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  1. 8 years of homemaking, I’m still a lousy one! 😀 My biggest weakness is the paper pile and for some reason we have the lots. From our store to my grade schooler’s to my toddler’s paper pile are continuously piling up. I’m trying hard to pile it as soon as it lands on my hands. 😀

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