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My little man is turning 3 in about 6 weeks time + needless to say, he is really getting bigger each day! Proof is that he can easily occupy the entire bed when he tries + he can actually throw me out of it, too! I hardly have enough space to sleep on + we might be needing a bigger bed real soon as I planned for us to co-sleep for as long as we can! 😉

I think I might have to go for one of those family-sized or queen-sized mattresses this time around. There is simply not much space to move around if we ever pick another single or twin-size. + since Jared can easily navigate an actual bed {compared to the mattress-lying-on-the-floor-to-prevent-falls set-up that we have right now}, I guess I might have to look around for bed frames, as well! I will also have to look for a safety bed rail  {much like the one in the photo} + maybe I should check out stores like, that offers a wide variety of these sort of products. They have the best bed rails from top brands for seniors, as well as for children, too. Oh, + of course, I won’t forget to get a bed protector, while I am at it! Things can get messy, especially when the little man is sick, + I would love to guard my new bed from nasty throw ups!

Oh well, getting all these stuffs for our bedroom won’t come cheap, hopefully I can save up real soon for it + find a store that carries these items locally that also fits my budget!

By the way, here are a few tips I can think of when buying beds or mattress:

  • Always check for product warranty ~ if it was a good product, a mattress or a bed normally comes with a minimum 10-year product warranty
  • Find a size which you can use for longer periods of time ~ especially when buying beds + mattresses for children. It would be quite impractical to buy him one for each stage of his life + just imagine the amount of money you can save once you decide to buy one he can use for the next 10 to 15 years?
  • Buy in an actual mattress or bed shop ~ as they have a wide array of products to choose from compared to those furniture shops in department stores, they have the most competent sales staff who are highly-knowledgeable on bed matters. Plus, if you get lucky, you might event stumble upon a sale or a big discount! 😉
  • Guard your new investment ~ you will be spending a considerable amount of money on beds + mattress, so you might as well protect your investment + check out bed protectors, too!

Do you have any other tips on bed-shopping? I’d love to hear it, do share it in a comment below, right? Thanks! 😉

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  1. Yes, bed with rails are needed for our toddlers. The rails will protect them from falling when they roll out of bed while sleeping. There are affordable bed rails that are locally made or you can have one specially made for Jared just like what we did for our daughter seven years ago and she’s still using it now. 🙂

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