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I bet you’ve noticed by now how much my blog looks so nice these days! Thanks to Patricia of Fancy Girl Design Studio for working her magic here on my blog. She was really very patient in dealing with someone as fickle-minded as me + made sure I’ve got everything that I’ve requested to be part + parcel of my blog design. All the elements that I’ve imagined are here ~ the shades of yellow, purple, + gray; the mum + toddler image up on the header, + the lovely pen just at the tip of my blog title! What more can I really ask for. So, if in case you are planning to have your blog dolled-up, do not forget to check out Patricia’s lovely designs. She personalizes the blog theme 100% + shall ask you, + email you as often as she can, for inputs + keep you up-to-date about the progress of your theme. She is very creative + works real fast, too! Not to mention, her fee is something I think most of us can really afford. I have actually set aside some of my blogging money to get this thing done + I cannot be more satisfied.

Although I wish I had more budget so I can get a few other accoutrements for my mum blog, a “your ads here” button, as well as a badge + a couple of other cute stuffs that I have in mind. Oh well, it was a good thing I chanced upon these beautiful set of media icons from Her New Leaf, which I got for free. Aren’t they lovely, too? You might want to check out her site for loads of other cutey-patootey freebies + while you are there, you might as well join her Reader Appreciation Giveway, I sure will!

Here’s to freebies, + I’d be sure to share those that I will discover in the future, + to more lovely blogs for us all. By the way, will you be such a sweetheart + follow my blog with Bloglovin, too. It will be much appreciated + will be delighted to do the same. Thanks! :)

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