Preparing for Summer Camp + Sleepovers

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Summer brings vacations, camp and lots of sleepovers so it’s a good idea to have some extra sleeping mats and bags on hand along with an inflatable bed or a folding cot. With so much back and forth between friends’ homes, vacation sites and camp, things like shower and toiletry kits are another handy thing to stock up on. It’s also a time when camping out in the back yard or even on the back deck is a popular pursuit with the younger set which means that one or more parent might well end up as a chaperon – you don’t want to be the one who barely gets a wink of sleep and wakes up with a stiff back and a lot of mosquito bites.

There are some easy solutions to make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep on the road or in the backyard. The little ones can use a nap mat, much as they do in daycare or at school. Older kids can use a regular sleeping bag plus if you are at home there is always the option of brining out a mattress or floor pillows to create a more comfortable base to sleep on. The most comfortable portable option is an inflatable mattress; make sure to cover it with a fitted sheet or it can be noisy and sticky, especially in hot weather.

Insects can be a problem so bed netting is a great idea – pick up a few bed canopies – they can be used indoors or out. The kids may be sleeping in a tent but you may find yourself on a lawn chaise; simply drape the bed canopy over the chaise to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep. If you have an umbrella you can use it to create a roof of sorts and then drape the bed canopy over it so you have more room to move around with hitting the netting.

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  1. I’ve never joined a summer camp yet, but I love sleepovers! 😀 Haha.. I’ve never tried using a sleeping bag or even stay in a tent though, but I’d love to do it in the future.. 🙂

  2. I wish we’d be able to join summer camps, too. It’s good to have all these things ready for a hassle-free bonding time with kiddos. insect repellants are also very important.

  3. Hello
    Wow! Sleepovers! That would be fun! I remember sleeping over my cousin’s house before they left for the US. I miss them and I miss sleepovers!


  4. Summer camps sound so much fun! I’ve never tried, but I love camping and sleepovers! reminds me when I was a kid, the feeling of you just wanna pack your whole house =))

  5. the last time i joined a summer camp was 15 years ago 😛 i hope i can do something like this before i become a mom 😛
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  6. I always wanted to go on camping. I miss my childhood days where i can just go somewhere else without any worries. ooh, and by the way , i love your ads, ha ha ha, addicting you spin the wheel mo.

  7. I haven’t tried camping out.. I am afraid, hahaa. That’s one of the things I need to cross out in my bucket list 😀

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