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With the availability of technology and how it streamlines business applications nowadays, there seems to be no limit to where and how you can enrich your business. Productivity can now be executed with ease, leaving more wiggle room for growth in research and development, employee empowerment, and business culture practices. To that end, take a look at these three online services that rev up businesses faster towards success:


CRMs, time trackers, workforce management – these are just some of the elements that business owners need to facilitate a successful business. Taking it all into account, these applications, when bought separately, are worth top dollars that are hurtful for startups and established businesses alike., a social collaboration platform that’s 100% free for small businesses with a maximum of 12 employees, ties all these elements up in one big, neat bundle that includes a free CRM system, free calendar and activity planner, free intranet, free real-time viewing and free messaging system, among others. And at just $99 monthly for an unlimited user upgrade, it is definitely a real steal. Because it is cloud-based, no installation is necessary and can be accessed anywhere via the web or a smartphone.


Competition in the airline industry has led many airlines to confine their deals into their own corporate sites and partner sites instead of price-comparison websites to prevent competitors from stealing their customers away. Consequently, end consumers are forced to go website hopping to find the airfare deals they need and can afford, a time-consuming and labor-intensive exercise. is a search engine that systematically goes over 700+ individual airline sites and hundreds of flight and ticketing portals for the best and cheapest airfare promos, making the data within reach by the searching public, and all in a single site. This greatly cuts down on the time and energy it normally takes a consumer to find whatever he needs to find in the airfare space.


Brilliant domain names are hard to come by nowadays. Not coming up with the idea per se, but the fact that millions and millions of domains have already been registered to date. The online realm is so saturated with .com and .net addresses that finding the most relevant for your website can be a daunting task, to say the least. Branding agencies can help in that respect, that’s a given. But it’s also a given that they charge a fortune for their services.

Operating since 2007, is a naming service that taps into a pool of over 50,000 creative people to come up with relevant, catchy, unique and easy-to-remember domains, names, even slogans to match. All you need to do is register with the site as a client and set your naming parameters. For a downpayment of $50, you get a good number of suggestions for a name or domain (slogans cost $75). If none of the suggestions catches your eye, you get a refund, a risk-free guarantee no branding agency out there is willing to offer.

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