so many things to write, too little time

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I have that phrase running constantly in my head for months now + I’ve got a notebook full of notes + would-be future posts as proof!

Oh well, I guess, again, it comes with the mummy territory. While you prioritize your children + your other home-making tasks, everything else takes the sideline. Yes, including things that you really loved doing. + while you manage to bathe, feed, + take care of the little ones, you just wished you have more time left to do those things, too, like, for myself, cuddle with my favorite paperbacks more or update my blogs regularly.  Since these are the activities that I’d neglect at a drop of a hat, I just wish I will get the chance to get back to them real soon, or whenever the itch arises. But, unfortunately, when I do manage to find the time to finally tinker on my blog, I just do not have the muse or the mood to write. The irony of it all!

Although I have always loved writing {mostly mediocre romance novels + poems in high school, + many a number of paper works in College + while others dread those reaction papers, Essay assignments + formal themes, I would always look forward to those writing homework in English + Theology in class.  + would even volunteer to do my friends’ homework  for them! Yeah, I am weird like that! }, I have always been a moody writer, too. I guess the urge to write comes when I am relaxed + inspired, pressures + deadlines are hardly my motivation, so I did not think I’d make a living out of it! That only changed when I discovered blogging + found ways to earn money from writing through my blogs. I am also a nocturnal writer, so I normally got my creative juices flowing in the wee hours of the night. I also couldn’t count up all the poems I have written while daydreaming at night or while I had those numerous spells of insomnia when I was younger. I have notebooks upon notebooks of unpublished works which I hope I’d get to polish + publish one day, one of my ultimate aspirations in life!

So how do I beat the dry spells? By keeping a notebook handy + pouring my heart out onto it whenever the writing mood arises. It was also a perfect time-saver, as it allows me to work on more posts at a time, when all I have to do is copy from what I’ve previously written.

For me, blogging is much like school all over again + I am loving every bit of it! I also treat each post as a homework or an essay writing examination, which I really need to pass. Hopefully I get to pass each of them + I do hope, too, that I get to write most of what’s in my notebook onto these pages real soon!

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