what to stock up on your medicine cabinet

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I did mention I shall be back with a post on what to stash on your medicine cabinet, especially in preparation for the rainy season, when flu + various other sickness abounds. You do not really need to buy a new box or container for your medicine supplies, you may use an old shoe box or re-purpose something which you already have in the house. For my medicine box, I have re-purposed a box that previously contained my digicam, my iPod + other gadgets.

Here are a few of the stuffs I have on my own medicine box which I thought you should have in yours, too:

  • a thermometer {a must, especially when you have little ones at home}
  • nasal drops {I’ve had them since Jared was a baby}
  • a hot + cold compress. If you can get an item that does both, all the better, saves you from buying another item altogether
  • gauze pads {along with an adhesive for it} + adhesive strips
  • petroleum jelly
  • povidine-iodine topical antiseptics {you never know when you might need one}
  • Vicks Vaporub {although I don’t get to use it often + would just put it on my little man’s sole whenever he’s nose is clogged}
  • insect repellent, especially now that the rainy days + dengue abound, you need to protect your little ones from those nasty insect bites! I swear by Human Heart Nature’s Bug Shield {which I shall be making a review about soon!}
  • a stash of assorted pills for various common ailments like stomachache, fever, diarrhea, or colds!

I have Jared’s vitamins, cough syrups + other medicine on the fridge, as they need to be refrigerated as mentioned on their labels. I also have my son’s nebulizer stashed somewhere safe. If you have little ones I suggest you also invest on one of these.

You can personalize your medicine box, depending on your specific needs + requirements. It is just important to have most of the basics covered, like keeping pills for stomachache, fever, + do not forget your vitamins, too!

Anything else I forgot to stash on my medicine box? Let me know through a comment below, right? ūüėČ

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