wwf-philippines’ reverse the bad campaign

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green ideas, green projects, eco-friendly stuffs, mum goes green, mum for a cause
my upside-down twitter profile pic

If you’ve seen a lot of upside-down profile photos on various social media platform, please do not be too quick to judge that these people have gone all bonkers! We are merely expressing our support to World Wide Fund’s Reverse The Bad Campaign, which shall run from 16 July up until the 23rd! + you can do your share, too by simply doing the following:

mum goes green, mum for a cause, green ideas, green project, eco-friendly stuffs

  • Reverse your profile photo on Facebook or Twitter. Do this by simply using the Rotate-Photo function on Facebook or by uploading a new upside-down profile picture
  • Share this photo on your wall together with the following caption:

Let’s reverse the bad for our living planet. Join WWF-Philippines Reverse Run on July 22! Visit wwf.org.ph/reversethebad #WWFReverseTheBad

  • Don’t forget to tag @WWF.Philippines on Facebook and @WWF_Philippines on Twitter
  • Share this to as many people as you can so they can also help in spreading the word + reversing the bad!
  • Do not forget to join the run, too!
Easy-peasy, right? Just a little thing we can do to help our Mother Nature, which shall be beneficial to us all in the future!

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  1. So that’s what this is mommy Vix. I thought those people doesn’t know how to fix their profile pics. Hahaha! Good thing you wrote about it here. 🙂

  2. WWF never fails to bring different activities and ideas on how we can help our environment. Have you joined the bandwagon , let’s reverse the bad ! thanks for joining and hope to see you on next green monday.

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