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Here’s just hoping you have one amazing + restful Sunday mums! ūüôā ¬†I bet a lot of our working sisters out there are more than delighted to know that they will be having quite a long weekend, much thanks to the declaration of August 21 as a National Holiday in celebration of ¬†Eid‚Äôl Fitr {or¬†the¬†end of Ramadan} + the observance of Ninoy Aquino Day the day after. I bet you have plotted activities to do for the next 3 days for the entire family!

I haven’t got much planned but I felt good that I was able to go out + caught some great finds at the SM-Pampanga 3-Day Sale! I’ve got stuff mostly for the little man, who is in dire need of new shirts, shorts, pajamas + what-nots. You can check out his loot on this post. I also got him a plaid polo which he’ll wear on September 2nd + this cute little Lightning McQueen plushy, which we shall share on his little corner next. So if you happen to be anywhere near, do not forget to catch this mall-wide sale for great finds + discounts {+ no I was not compensated by SM for this :)}

Don’t forget to squeeze in a bunch of me-times, as well, ¬†to get you re-charged + ready to face another grueling week afterwards, right? Snuggle with your favorite book or catch up with the re-runs of your favorite day-time soap or catch up on those zzzzz, perhaps. As for me I have loads of catching up with Fuzzy to do, which also meant a basketful of laundry to tackle. I know, laundry on a Sunday? But everyday’s a weekend for stay-at-home mums like me, anyway, or shall I say everyday is just another usual day of business! Oh well, I shall be down in a minute to join my little man as he watches his fave cartoons on the telly + play with his new Spiderman toy + Francesco die-cast, so bye for now + happy weekend everyone! ūüėČ

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