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Mums like me have to be in tiptop shape 24/7 all-year long. We need to be in our best form to do all the tasks at home, but more importantly to care for our loved ones + our little children. Suffice to say that sickness + injuries have no place in a mum’s life as she always has to be up on her toes looking after other people.

I have been down with something a few times this year + you can only imagine the frustration + the stress, not to mention the disappointment it caused my son, whenever he asks for something he usually gets but I cannot give him that time since I am sick or hurting. It pains me to experience all these sickness I’ve never had before, but it breaks my heart to see the hurt on my little man’s face. It was for this reason that I have aimed to live a healthier + a more active life. So that I can be there for my little one whenever he needs me.

I bet mums with regular full-time jobs have to deal with sickness + illnesses more often. Not only are they worried about their personal well-being, but there are also other factors to worry about. Especially for those who are working in more hazardous environment where workers are more prone to accidents + injuries. If you have not figured out into any injuries, you are one lucky dame, but if you are one of those who sustain work-related injuries, I would highly suggest that you keep in touch with Fresno ca personal injury attorney or other personal injury lawyers who are well adept at cases involving car accidents, work-related injuries, medical malpractice or injuries + other medical conditions brought about by defective products + services. Their main objective is to get justice for their clients, as well as claim compensations that are due these clients as payment for their suffering, or in worse cases, loss.

Some of the Accident at work claims from first4lawyers + other personal injury lawyers include, but not limited to  fractured fingers, moderate back injury, forklift truck accidents, construction site accidents, severe foot injury that has different corresponding compensation depending on the scope + severity of injuries. Road accidents involving bigger vehicles like trucks + lorries, which are rampant nowadays, are samples of personal accident claims that these lawyers process + follow-up daily. Most of these cases are resolved with out-of-court settlements but a personal injury lawyer can also go to court if need be.

What with all the bad news, the accidents + untoward incidents taking place around us, which can simply happen to just about anyone of us, it is not enough that we take extra care at work, at home, on the road or anywhere else. It is also most wise to be connected with a personal injury lawyer + keep his contact details handy. Of course, it is best if we won’t find any need to use this anytime in the future, but on the contrary, it also pays to be prepared for whatever life may hit us, not only for our own sake, but more so for our families + loved ones.

Disclaimer: I claim to be no expert of course since my knowledge of the law + everything related is limited to the John Grisham novels I have devoured over the years. 

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  1. great post mommy vix! oo nga parang andaming bad news. when i was in manila last week, parang ang grabe ng prayers for protection ko dahil kinakabahan ako whenever we would go out! the traffic is really bad!

    1. thanks mommy sigrid! traffic is really horrendous, i think they have to find ways on how they can regulate the amount of vehicles that go out on the streets each day…ay, too bad i was not able to meet-up with you when you were in Manila 🙁

  2. when I clicked on this link i thought something bad happened but im glad to know you’re fine. we’re lucky to have a family friend lawyer to go to but still an expert on injury/accident cases would be better,.

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