a few days before the little man’s birthday

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I have a few more days left before the little man’s birthday + his celebration come Sunday afternoon at a local McDonald’s branch here in our city. I succumbed to one of their Partypid packages out of necessity. The joy of having a party somewhere else + having almost everything taken care of for you, including the party hosts, the balloons + decorations, the program, as well as the food + the loot bags is the convenience of sleep + just showing up on the day of the party itself! Heaven-sent to 24/7 mums like me who simply have most of her time occupied with seemingly endless chores + what-nots!

Oh well, if I had a choice {+ a much better cooking prowess that will allow me to spawn delectable dishes + delightful party treats like cupcakes + finger foods from my kitchen}, I would’ve loved to have just a very simple celebration here at home. I’d be in-charge of everything from blowing the balloons + preparing the loot bags. But, alas, apart from the much-lacking cooking abilities, we also do not have the space here to accommodate a handful of our guests, who happens to be personal friends from way back + kiddos of friends + families. Maybe in a few year’s time I’d be able to throw that simple party I’ve been dreaming about + do all the preparations myself.

Anyways, it won’t be long now  until my little man’s birthday celebration + am really quite excited! I shall be back soon with photos of the party! Meanwhile, I will leave you with the photo I took of our party invites. Yes, we’ve opted for Toy Story since Cars is not available elsewhere. Hopefully we’ll finally have a Lightning McQueen party soon! 😉

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Caritas Manila continues relief efforts for flood victims

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Caritas Manila’s Damayan, the relief assistance + emergency program of the Church as of August 15, 2012 has provided relief assistance to 20, 444 families in the parishes under the Archdiocese of Manila and Dioceses of Caloocan,Cubao, Pasig, Antipolo, and Malolos.

Caritas Manila so far has raised Php 2,892,635 In-Cash donations and Php. 534,618 In-Kind donations from individuals, organizations and parishes for the flood victims. But as flood prevails which resulted to more + more people stranded in their submerged homes or in evacuation centers, relief items are depleted that Caritas Manila, as well as the other cause-oriented groups who continuously help these people in need, are knocking on your generous hearts to extend whatever little help you can to allow them to continue their noble work.

Here’s how you can help:

  • For Donations in kind, please call Caritas Manila at telephone numbers {02}5620020 up to 25 {local 22 to 24}
  • For Cash Donations, you may deposit to:

 Account Name: Caritas Manila, Inc.

Peso Bank Savings Account:

BPI  S/A 3063-5357-01

BDO S/A 5600-45905

Metrobank S/A 175-3-17506954-3

UnionBank C/A 00-030-001227-5

Dollar Savings Account:

Account Name: Caritas Manila, Inc.

BPI Dollar Account: 003064-0033-55

PNB Dollar Account: 252-703687-1

Please feel free to contact Mr. Joseph G. Navarro, PR, Communication + Events Officer at numbers {02}5620020 loc. 13 or 0916-396-9123 for questions and comments

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rest in peace sec. jesse robredo

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I woke up to the bad news about the recovery of DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo’s remains. I have been closely following the rescue operations + other updates in the news + have been one with our Nation in praying that he be found soon. Although it was a relief to finally find him at last, it is really most unfortunate that he was recovered in this state + shall come home to his waiting + worrying family after a few days, lifeless.

I may not have known the man personally but I am most touched with the way the people from his city, Naga, + all over the Philippines have responded + extended their love, support + prayers so that the good public servant may be brought to his family safe + sound. No less than the President himself oversee the rescue + retrieval operations in Masbate.

Our country has lost not only a dedicated government official, but also a modern-day hero, who championed the common people + rallied behind the progress + success of his city + province. You are a great man + well-loved by all, I am sure the Almighty is happy to greet you up there in Heaven.

current events, Philippines Today

Rest in peace now, Sec. Jesse Robredo, you will never be forgotten, especially by those people whose lives  you touched the most. The Filipino people mourns your loss. Our condolences + prayers to your family + friends. May they find solace + comfort in this time of grief.

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