caring for your toddlers pearly whites

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the little man “brushing” his teeth {9 months old}

Caring for our toddlers milk teeth is one of our priorities as mums. Taking care for their pearly whites earlier on will, after all, pave the way for strong + healthy permanent teeth in the future + will save us from the unnecessary trouble, + toothache, when they are bigger. Just think of these scenarios:

  • Your little one cannot focus on his activities because of a nagging toothache, making him irritable often
  • He misses a few goodnight’s sleep while nursing a toothache
  • He has to be absent from school because the toothache turns from annoying to intolerable
Much like me, I bet you wouldn’t want your precious little ones to experience any of these situations. That is why we have got to find ways to instill in them a good oral hygiene even when they are still in diapers, they will bring these habits through their grown up age + will save us all the drama, not to mention the exorbitant dental fees!
Here are a few things you can try:
  • Brush your little one’s chompers regularly. You might have to help them with this, as, based on my experience, they would simply refuse to put the brush in their mouths + would rather play with it! 
  • Do not put your baby to sleep with a bottle. Sleeping with a bottle is a surefire way to having cavities + other tooth problems. So it is best to brush their teeth before bedtime. For the little ones who ask for a bottle a few times in the wee hours of the night/morning, it is best to brush their teeth as soon as they awoke or keep those mouth wipes handy.
  • Curb the sweet tooth. As much as you can, do not encourage his sweet tooth + refrain from giving him cookies + sweets as treats. Instead, let him much on fruits + vegetables. 
  • Bring him to a pediatric dentist. As soon as his first tooth erupts, you can bring your little tot to a pediatric dentist to have his chomper checked. The dentist will also provide you with tips + tricks to care for your little one’s teeth. Looking for a pediatric dentist can be quite tricky, though. I have consulted with my little man’s pedia + she recommended one located in Manila. She said this particular dentist is an expert in the field + it is best to consult with them regarding my son’s pearly whites. I know it is most convenient to find one locally, one that is  near you, like that dentist Melbourne-based, for example, if you happen to be in the area, but since I really had no choice, I might as well try my luck with this one. I have yet to call for an appointment, though.

Oh well, I hope you find something of interest in these toddler tooth-caring tips. I know it is easier said than done, especially with a very uncooperative toddler who’d rather flourish his toothbrush like a wand than put it in his mouth, but babies + kids they say are creatures of habit + am sure they will get the hang of it soon enough! We just have to guide them all the way through! 😉

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teaching the little man with materials easily found at home

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I never miss the chance to teach my little man anything I can whenever an opportunity presented itself. There are numerous stuff around the house that we can use to work on Jared’s hand-eye coordination skills ~ pasta, macaroni, various re-purposed containers in different sizes, I’ve got an assortment of them here at home. Anything to get those little, grubby hands busy, really! + these cute pink rubber stamps are just one of them.

I originally bought these to adorn my postcards but it turned out to pique the little man’s interest so the stamps are now kept safe together with his other tot school stuffs. He use the tiny blocks to make several towers by stacking them one top of the other, or to make a choo-choo train by arranging them up in a straight line. We also count them all up or I ask him to name the items found on each rubber block on other occasions. I just simply let his imagination run wild as he plays!

Homeschooling our tots need not burn a whole in our pockets, we just need a little imagination + a handful of creativity! I will share more about our tot schooling fun next time, or see more of Jared in action with these rubber stamps on this Kids in Doodles post! 🙂


Sharing my pink stamps with:

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of reliefs, donations + Uniqlo

It is good to know that everyone is doing their share to help our brothers who were affected by the recent calamities brought about by the monsoon floods. Television networks are having relief operations + continuously works to raise funds in order to help those who are in need, big companies, cause-oriented groups, non-government organizations  + ordinary people are all taking the initiative to do their part as well.

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Just recently UNIQLO Philippines donated 3 million Yen {Php 1.5M } to aid flood victims in metro Manila and the surrounding areas where heavy monsoon rains have recently caused serious flooding damage. The donation was made to the SM Foundation, the socio-civic arm of the SM Group of Companies.

“UNIQLO is saddened by the current natural occurrences in the Philippines, and we would like to express our deep sympathy to all Filipinos who were affected by this calamity. We stand together with our Filipino friends in providing a helping hand.” ~ Katsumi Kubota, Chief Operating Officer of Fast Retailing Philippines, Inc.

Here’s more of the press release:

UNIQLO is a brand of Fast Retailing Co. (FR), a leading global Japanese retail holding company that designs, manufactures and sells clothing under five brands: Comptoir des Cotonniers, g.u., Princesse tam.tam, Theory, and UNIQLO. FR is the world’s fourth largest apparel retail company, and UNIQLO is Japan’s leading specialty retailer. With a corporate statement committed to changing clothes, changing conventional wisdom and change the world, FR is dedicated to creating great clothing with new and unique value to enrich the lives of people everywhere.

You can visit or for more information about UNIQLO and other FR brands.

Know that you can also do your share in helping flood victims that are now relocated to evacuation centers until the water ebbs away from their homes. Here are a few of things we can do to help:

current events, Philippines Today, calamities

1. Use social media to spread the word about the hotlines you can contact in case emergencies + or disaster strikes.
2. If you have the money to spare, you can donate to Philippine Red Cross + other organizations + institutions. For instructions on how to donate, check this photo:

current events, calamities, Philippines Today

3. You can also donate things like canned goods + noodles, blankets, clothes which you can bring to different drop off points or to local organizations.   Here’s a checklist of the things you can donate:

calamities, current events, Philippines Today

4.You can also donate your time + effort by joining feeding programs, as well as rescue operations to be able to help those who are need.

+ Lastly, never underestimate the power of prayers + make sure to include our suffering brothers + sisters in your prayers before you sleep tonight.

We are a resilient lot + I also know that this too shall pass + this is but another obstacle we have to hurdle.

images are not mine.

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