renting textbooks: a practical mum’s choice

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The price of educating our children may seem steep, but we struggle to manage somehow knowing that education is one of the most sure-fire way to give them a better chance at life + ultimately, a better life. From exorbitant school fees, to numerous assortment of school supplies + all the expensive textbooks you need to buy, you wonder when all the expenses end + can you ever keep up! Buying reference + textbooks, after all, is every schooling mum’s dilemma, whether you’re sending your children to traditional schools or homeschooling them. + these books, say medical or computer textbooks for College students, do not come cheap!

It is a good thing, though, that given a knack at creativity + resourcefulness, you can actually find ways to curb the textbook expenses. One such ways is textbook rentals. Imagine the amount of money you can save when you rent textbooks instead of buying them. That way you can even save up for a favorite paperback or your child’s favorite Disney character storybook! Imagine all the clutter you can eliminate + the space you can maximize when you have got to return your textbooks when the school year ends! No need to keep textbooks for years on end after your children are done using them at school, right?

+ what’s best about renting textbooks is that all transactions can be done online in the safety of your living room. Terms even come with options to buy rented books, prepaid envelopes for worry-free returning of rented books, as well as a 15-day grace period + a 30-day money back guarantee! What more can a mum ask for really? Now you can sit back + relax knowing that all your child’s textbook needs is covered for the entire term. 😉

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  1. renting a book is the best way than buying the new one 🙂 it saves you money 🙂 the book is the same though it is old 🙂 Dropping by from BC, so sorry this is a very late visit 🙁

  2. visiting your blog kasi miss na kita:)
    anyways, I think mas cheaper and mas better ang pagre-rent ng books, tsaka environment friendly pa:) imagine kung gaano karaming kahoy ang puputolin para magamit na papel for the books:)

    1. aww, i miss you, too, sis! ^_^
      that is so true! hopefully this will be a popular option for those who require textbooks! 🙂

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