rest in peace sec. jesse robredo

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I woke up to the bad news about the recovery of DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo’s remains. I have been closely following the rescue operations + other updates in the news + have been one with our Nation in praying that he be found soon. Although it was a relief to finally find him at last, it is really most unfortunate that he was recovered in this state + shall come home to his waiting + worrying family after a few days, lifeless.

I may not have known the man personally but I am most touched with the way the people from his city, Naga, + all over the Philippines have responded + extended their love, support + prayers so that the good public servant may be brought to his family safe + sound. No less than the President himself oversee the rescue + retrieval operations in Masbate.

Our country has lost not only a dedicated government official, but also a modern-day hero, who championed the common people + rallied behind the progress + success of his city + province. You are a great man + well-loved by all, I am sure the Almighty is happy to greet you up there in Heaven.

current events, Philippines Today

Rest in peace now, Sec. Jesse Robredo, you will never be forgotten, especially by those people whose lives  you touched the most. The Filipino people mourns your loss. Our condolences + prayers to your family + friends. May they find solace + comfort in this time of grief.

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  1. With much regret and resentment in Sec. Robredo’s passing, I thought, ‘why do we always lose a few good men who can help us and our country in moving forward?’ Only God knows and God indeed has a purpose for our country who believes in Him faithfully.

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