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top commentators, announcementTime again to roll out big thank yous to those who have been visiting + leaving their beautiful comments in this mum blog. Unfortunately, none of my lovely commentators qualified for the Top Commentators Giveaway {where in I noted that in order for someone to win, he/she ought to leave at least 25 comments} but I would really love to commend my top commentator, Dorry Lyn, so I’ll be sending her a little something thru Paypal, so please do not forget to give me a buzz with your Paypal ID, right? 😉 The prizes for last month Top Commentators Giveaway shall be included in our Let’s Celebrate August Giveaway!, instead!

Anyway, thank you very much to my top commentators for the month of July + I wish to see you all in August, too! 😀

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