ushering my favorite month of august!

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Here comes my favorite month again + I wonder were all the first 7 seven months went! For our dear loyal readers, you probably know why August is easily my favorite month of all, right? Apart from celebrating our birthdays {mum’s turning 33 + the little man is turning 3!}, I am also celebrating my second year in blogging + Jared’s Little Corner is also turning 2! Plus, I have just recently put up my very own food blog, mum eats! If those are not reason enough to be merry this rainy month, then I do not know what is! ­čśë

Anyway, I am cooking up something for all our dear readers, please stay tuned for it + bear with me for awhile. Things are a bit hectic on my end, + am still finding ways to get the time to write the giveaway post. I hope that it will be up on all 4 blogs by next week! ­čśë

Oh well, here’s to a fruitful month for all of us. Never you mind the inclement weather, let us all quell the gloomy days with our sunny disposition + with loads of smiles, shall we? ­čśÇ

Happy August everyone! ­čÖé

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