art as an effective tool for early childhood learning

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Art is not only one perfect way to express oneself but it is also one effective tool to promote learning in little children. By using fun + colorful materials you will be sure that your little ones will develop a good studying + learning habit early on in life. + by utilizing enjoyable ways to teach them new ideas + skills, they will be sure to learn the things you teach them in no time at all! + by doing so, who knows, your child might just grow up to be the next Picasso or create one of those amazing lds paintings  + dabble in the arts when he is all grown up!

So how do you start early childhood learning by using art + art materials that are readily available at home or can be easily found in your local crafts or school supplies shops? Make sure that you get the basic art supplies, which can include clay, crayons, water color + the likes. You may also add in a sheaf of colored papers + a pair of safety scissors to your stash. Bear in mind that little children are drawn to colorful things so make sure you choose the most engaging colors you can find.

Here are a few suggestions for activities you might want to do with your kiddos:

  • Color away ~ give your little ones a box of crayons + a coloring book {you can also check out for free printables online} or a number of blank plain paper he can doodle + scribble on. Do not limit his canvass to that paper + move on to painting egg shells, bottles + whatever objects he may opt for {as long as mum approves, of course! ;)}
  • Endless fun with colored papers + a pair of scissors ~ let your little one cut away by providing him colorful paper strips to cut into little shapes he desires. Just make sure you get him the age-appropriate ones to ensure that he won’t be hurting himself while using the scissors. You can also make an artwork by pasting all the cut outs onto a sheet of paper, forming whatever shapes you like
  • Watercolor fun ~ simply give your kiddo a pallet + a blank paper + let him create his very first watercolor masterpiece. He can draw shapes, letters, numbers or whatever he fancies. Just let his imagination run wild!
  • Create with clay ~ help him create his favorite characters or his favorite food using this gooey, colorful stuff. I bet he will have a grand time!
Bear in mind that the art activities you ought to be doing should depend on the age + abilities of your children. Also, do not forget to consider to follow your child’s lead in every activity. Happy learning! 😉

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    1. that is so true, that is why i really advocate learning while playing, that way children are learning while having fun! 😉

  1. I’m a firm believer in this: that art promotes learning in kids. Lately, my daughter has taken a liking to oil pastels :). Yes, the art activities should also be age-appropriate, in order to get the best results 🙂

    1. so true. hopefully when my little man grows a little bigger, he will take a keen liking to one of those art mediums! 🙂

    1. that is so true, that is why it is really imperative for us mums to be in charge of what they will learn early on in their lives..

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