Bridging the generation gap

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The generation gap simply is the differences which exist between generations. In more specific terms, the older generation and the younger generation have different values and principles. These changes are expected because changes are inevitable. For instance, whereas our grandparents grew up in rather slow and straight forward times, nowadays, the opposite is true. Today’s life is fast paced. May be it’s the technology that’s to blame. Others blame the first place on shallowness and competition. Whatever the case, the generation gap does exist.

To illustrate this point, considering the two generations-the older generation tend to underrate what the current generation loves. They are slower, suspicious to technological advancement, a little bit more spiritual on average, believe in values, culture and so forth. For the younger generation what’s obvious is that they are more adaptable, fast paced, ruthless, competitive, care less about morals, less religious, rebellious, more liberal and shallow. As such, they tend to frown at the old; just the same way the older people do to them. They also tend to be more liberal and more ambitious. This makes them care less for relatives and their older parents.

In a home situation, generation gaps are becoming more common. It does not just happen for children and their grandparents alone. It’s also happening for children and their parents. This is possibly because technology is changing too fast than the old folk can grasp, or many people give birth later in their years. The generation gap is a problem. And rather than pretend it’s nothing, the children cannot ‘downgrade’ to meet their older folk. Whether you are a parent or grandparent, it’s you to play catch up. It’s the only way you can become synced with the younger generations. It’s the basis of establishing new base and grounds for relationship. Here are some tips to help you do it:

1. Communication needs to become more active. The older generation needs to step up their communication with the younger generations. Considering that the younger generation defines communication as two-way, there is no one that’s calling shots. Parents and grandparents need to open communication in a way that is receptive and loving to close the gap.

2. The two generations need to start spending time. This is true for all life factors. The two different generations need to start spending more time with each other, in their zone. This spending time will make them feel closer and make up for some of the differences. It may even enrich their interactions.

3. Fostering self-dependence in kids also paramount to covering the generation gap. In many cases where the divide exists, it’s a way of the ounger generation following their needs and desires. They rebel. Showing them that making mistakes is normal in life, you will open up the air and foster a mutual understanding. For example, you could teach them how to write an admission essay, without literally doing it for them.

4. Set boundaries and values. This may seem like the negative approach to filling the gap. However, they need to know that values are important. For instance you could consider giving them education advice. When kids know this, they tend to incorporate it into their lives. This fosters understanding and corporation.

Written by writer Jared K.

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  1. Leaving to different eras and circumstances plus culture creates generation gaps but being open and having constant communication can bridge it.

  2. I haven’t had serious problems with generation gap, but I definitely feel it when it comes to my parents.. haha.. Nothing big though, but it’s quite annoying at times that they misinterpret things and we (my sis and I), have to patiently explain things.. XD

    1. i must agree. back in the days, my Papa, who was 42 years older than i am, cannot quite understand why i was hooked on MTV + would constantly ask why i have to use the telly as a radio! 😀

    2. i must agree. back in the days, my Papa, who was 42 years older than i am, cannot quite understand why i was hooked on MTV + would constantly ask why i have to use the telly as a radio! 😀

  3. We have parents saying they can’t understand their kids and kids saying the same thing about their parents. My answer is “generation gap”. And I also think that there is a way to bridging it but both parties have to have the means and determination to do it.

    You can see this post shared in Special Education Philippines fan page and I hope you can visit and like us there too.

  4. I’m thankful that my job keeps me updated with recent technology, especially when it comes to the Internet. It’s one of the things that my tween and I can talk about for hours.

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