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A few decades ago, many people believed that by 2012, everyone would own flying cars, meals would come in pill form and everyone would be wearing some form of spacesuit. While none of this has materialised, technology has still come a long way in a short space of time, especially if the modern kitchen which features a Dishwasher from appliances direct is anything to go by. Today, you can buy washing machines that can clean a half load in around 30 minutes, which was unthinkable several years ago, but what does the future hold for kitchen technology?

Future smart appliances are likely to come with some form of internet access. This might sound odd, but the internet could be used to help make using those appliances easier, which is what everyone wants from them: ease of use. Whether it’s to make things go quicker or allow you to multitask while doing household chores, internet access could be the thing to help revolutionise the way in which the modern kitchen works.
One manufacturer who is trying to combine kitchen appliances with internet connectivity is LG, who have developed a so-called ‘smart fridge’. It comes with a touch screen that suggests recipes when you scan food items across it, lets you check several websites, shows you when you’re low on food and even lets you make video calls if you want to talk to a friend or relative while you’re doing the cooking. Aside from all that, this smart fridge is one of the most extremely energy efficient appliances currently being made, and other fridge freezers could follow suit.

Aside from fridge freezers like the ones found at appliancesdirect.co.uk, it’s possible that you could be using the internet to make it easier than ever to work with smart appliances. It might surprise you, but LG are also working on developing smart ovens, microwaves and even smart washing machines. While the oven and microwave in their range of new smart appliances will use the internet to find recipes, their smart washing machine will let users select a specific wash cycle setting for different materials and stains, while it will also suggest when the best time of day is to clean your clothes, which could save you money if this setting is used regularly.

No kitchen is complete without appliances like fridge freezers, washing machines and tumble dryers from appliances direct UK. Not having appliances like that will make doing household tasks a long-winded nightmare, especially if you’re home from work later than expected and find that time’s not on your side. Fortunately, kitchen appliances, particularly ones which will be made available for sale in the not too distant future, will make everything run smoothly and allow you to get on with your life.

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