How to Choose Your Future Career

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When it comes to choosing your new career, there are many factors to think about when determining the major in college you should be concentrating on. For example, during your freshman year you will be provided with many different courses to take that will go with the major you have so far decided on. However, if you change your mind with the career you have chosen during your junior year and the major you are going to concentrate on, all of the courses you took during freshman and sophomore year will not go with the major you chose during your first couple of years in college. There are many different ways to choose your future career.

Consider Your Knowledge

Think back when you were in high school and all of the different things you had learned during those years. Consider a career you have knowledge and skills in and you will do just fine with yourself.

Consider Skills and Abilities

Think about what you already have the skills and abilities in and expand it. Maybe you like to play an instrument, maybe you like to write and want to provide professional essay writing services or be around lots of people. Think about majoring in something that you already know how to do and will enjoy doing for a lifetime.

Consider Hobbies and Interests

Do you have a passion for something? Maybe you are passionate about the Environment. Or maybe you like to collect different rocks and minerals. If this is the case, you will surely have an interesting career to look forward to.

Consider your Personality

Think about how your own personality works and use that to decide on your future career. Do you like to work with a lot of people or work alone? Do you like to have something that will challenge you?

Consider your Motivation and Aspirations

Think about what motivates you to get things done. Think about those things that push you into drive. What things will you need to make your dreams come true and make your future career everything it should be?

Discover Yourself

Basically discover yourself. What do you like to do and what pushes your buttons into drive? Go away somewhere for a little while and think about what you want to do with your life. Make sure it is something you will enjoy doing for your lifetime.

Research Careers

After finding yourself, research different careers and see what your options are. Doing this will help you decide what you are going to do with your life.

Make a Plan

Make a plan to decide what you are going to do with your life. To do this, you need to sit down and write your plans out. You should include any education you will need for the type of career you are going to choose. You can also write down any goals you consider that will get you to the area of the top paying and most interesting careers you have decided on.

By doing all of these things, you will be well on your way to choosing the best career out there for you.

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    1. being a doctor is really quite pricey! if i could i would’ve loved to be in journalism or mass communication, but unfortunately none of those courses are offered locally at the time i was hunting for a college + my mum would simply not allow me to study in Manila….

  1. The key to being successful is landing on a job that you love. Choosing the course that you want to pursue is a major decision in a person’s life. Majority of us, have jobs unrelated to our college degree because sometimes, we only discover what we truly want after experiencing the work we thought we like.

  2. There really are a lot of things to consider and we should think about it as early as we were in high school. Para walang oras o panahon na masayang

  3. very true. what I notice with some people though, even if they don’t have the “brain” for a particular course, because the profession pays good money they still choose that course anyway. aside from choosing the right career, choosing the right school is also important.

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