in need of more storage for the little man’s stuff

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home, cleaning at home, mum's thoughts, Jared, Jared's nook
an old box I’ve re-purposed to hold some of the little man’s plushies

Can you imagine the amount of stuff little ones accumulate? My son has only been around for three years + the house is brimming with his toys, cars, books + other things. In fact, they are just about everywhere + I can hardly keep up putting things in order every single day. It is a good thing Jared is kind enough, most of the time, to put away his toys when he’s done playing, otherwise I’d probably be up to my neck with just the tidying chores each day. 

The thing is we badly need more storage for my tot’s stuffs, + now that I’ve decided to fold away his crib since it has been awhile since he last used it, not to mention he’s really too big for a crib now, I need a new place for all his stuffed friends which used to inhabit his crib. They now sit lonely by a chair in our bed + my eyes are itching every time I see them in this topsy turvy state.

I am actually thinking of getting one of those plastic racks where I can neatly arrange my boy’s toys or, if my pocket will allow it, I will opt for a new wooden cabinet where we can stash away most of his things whenever they are not in use. My living room + our bedroom will be instantly clean when that happens. But, yeah, I still need to do a lot of penny pinching so I can save up for another cabinet.

home, cleaning at home, mum's thoughts, Jared, Jared's nook
this piece from will be perfect to hold some of my little one’s books

Sigh, if only I am acquainted with carpentry, I will probably assemble a wooden cabinet for Jared’s toys + books. I will check out shops online where I can get drawer pulls + other supplies + work on my wooden project during my downtime. I saw a lot of inspirations on, one time I was online. But, alas, I am not adequately educated to build wood works so am going to have to settle for the next best thing.  Hopefully I’d be able to save up soon enough.

In the meantime, a cheap $2 plastic rack, + those up-cycled boxes I made, will probably have to do.  How about you, where do you keep all your children’s stuff? 😉

image is not mine

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  1. Little ones really accumulate a lot toys, and so fast pa! I remember when my lil sis was a lot younger, I’d be so annoyed that her things are always around the house, in the living room, on my bed, and she even leaves some of her toys in the dining room after she has eaten! XD It was quite crazy, but I admit, I miss those good times when she was still a cute toddler. Anyway, our mom gave us a wooden cabinet of sort where we stash our things.

    1. it is so true! my little one owns more stuff than I do! but amid the clutter + chaos, you will really miss the little ones when they are all grown up so might as well savor + make the most of the moment, clutter included! 😉 yup, a wooden cabinet always saves the day! 😉

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