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I am not sure why I keep coming up with these car posts, but I surmise that my subconscious is taking an over-drive + is leading me to making all these tips + what-nots about cars + the likes. Oh well, who does not want to own a car at one point in his/her life, right? It’d be cool + very convenient, too, + my mind is racing to one too many road trips I’d like to take if I’d be lucky enough to get my own car in this lifetime. I am thinking of a Honda Civic, a Prius or, if you will all allow me, a Hummer! In reality, of course I’d settle with just about any model, provided it is in silver, gray or black. I can picture myself driving to+ from different destinations that the little man + I might fancy + driving Jared off to school, a few years from now. Drat, I must learn how to drive first!

Anyhoo, I came up with tips on getting used cars + I’ve just recently outlined a few things you might consider in getting the car of your dream. I have mentioned vehicle insurance in the post, too. Of course, it pays to be a forward-thinker + worry about expenses for maintenance + repairs ahead of time instead of worrying it right when you most need it! It sure is a good news to learn that you can now look for reputable car insurance companies, like, for example, online to check from the various packages + services they offer for the best one that will suit your needs. You can also post your queries + other clarifications with a click of a few buttons using your computer.

A car insurance is one of the best weapons in your arsenal as a car owner + it is recommended to get the best one you can find online or otherwise. It’ll save you all the unnecessary heartache + trouble, not to mention stress + worries, too! Jared’s dad’s cars have been in the repair shop one too many times + if it hadn’t been for the auto insurance he got after procuring those cars, he’d be knee-deep in debt for all the car-related bills he has to pay!

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    1. wow! thanks so much for the heart-warming words, things like this really inspire me to write some more even if i just mostly think aloud through my posts…this award is really unexpected, thank you sir! am excited to share this with our other friends, too! thank you very much! ^_^

  1. After typhoon Ondoy, we make sure our car insurance are annually renewed. It’s not really something you should take for granted because you’ll never know what’s going to happen.

  2. Some people think that car insurance is a waste of money, but I believe that we really must be careful, we dont know when will accidents happen. Having a car insurance will give us the peace of mind that we need

  3. Cars… I think owning a car is an advantage for the family… We have a small car and now because our family is growing we plan to buy a bigger second hand car in the future.

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