Making the Moments Count with Your Children

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the little man in our recent trip to the park

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or you’re working full time while the kids are being looked after, it’s hard to make each moment count. The days seem to fly by and now that you’re approaching fall and winter time, the days will be even shorter. Even though it may be difficult making the best of your time, it can be done. With time savers and a little saying called carpe diem, anything is possible, including making every single moment count when it comes to spending time with your kids.

  • Escape to the Park – Most little children love to go to the park, so if you happen to get a long lunch break or are home during a few days of the week; take your little one to the park. Go down the slide with him or her and help them climb the monkey bars. Making memories in the great outdoors will be precious for them to remember as they grow older and plus, it will also help them enjoy life and improve their coordination.
  • Decorating Project – If you love to decorate but it takes away time that you could be spending with your children, involve them in your projects! Give them tasks to do while you concentrate on what type of décor you’d like to place in the space. Simple projects like cleaning the room or painting the walls if they are old enough will give them a sense of purpose and will also help them feel more involved in your project too. Why not try incorporating custom fountains into the space that have special quotes on them. They will highlight all of the great aspects in the room and will look beautiful simultaneously.
  • Movie Time – Creating your own theater in your own home living room is a creative way to make your child feel loved. They will love spending time with such a cool parent who goes out of their way to make a living room come to life with a favorite movie, popcorn, and maybe even a few friends and lots of seat cushions for extra comfort. Your creativity will definitely be enjoyed by your sweet children.

Don’t get down on yourself if time is sparse between now and during the busy season ahead, but make use of the time you have been given. Taking advantage of every moment will ensure that you stay spontaneous and look forward to making memories with your children, no matter the season or occasion.

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She loves making every moment count and does this by participating in a variety of activities that make her smile.

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  1. My children and I just love doing these bonding activities. Every weekend we go to the playground. Pag sinipag-sipag, I’ll print out coloring pages so that we can color together. Stress reliever din sating mga mommies yun. Then we love watching movies everyday. It’s hard to say no to them when they ask that you spend time with them because they would eventually have different priorities when they grow up.

    1. agree, sis! that is why we should really make the most of our time with the little ones while we still are the center of their universe. our current bonding moment is watching movies together, non-stop cartoons for the entire day! 😀

  2. Time flies so fast and within the blink of an our little ones are all grown up. that’s why when my youngest son ask me to play with him, i stop doing my chores/tasks and give him the time that he wants.

  3. That is also why I make sure I play a lot with ykaie and we watch a lot of movies. Friday night and saturday night is always movie night here at home….

  4. I want to do the movie time.. kase ang gastos talaga when we go out and watch movie at the cinema.. as in!

    bonding with the kids is one of the most important factor in parenting 🙂

  5. Because I work at home from morning ’til night, my bonding moment with my son is usually in the morning when I give him a bath and prepare him for school, in the afternoon when I help him study his lessons and review for next day’s quizzes, and at night when I read him stories before he sleep (this includes non-stop chatting, too).

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