my two-cents on buying pre-loved items

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a pre-loved wooden alphabet blocks I’ve got for the little man earlier this year {this image first appeared on Jared’s Little Corner}

Pre-owned, pre-loved, second-hand or hand-me-downs. These are just a few of the terms we use for items that we’d rather not buy brand new. Do not get me wrong, of course we would love to buy everything hot-right-off-the-shelf brand spankin’ new, but difficult times, as well as motherhood, have taught us better to cut back on spending on other things so we can splurge more on basic necessities. This is also probably what Thomas Huxley had in mind when he quipped that “economy does not lie in sparing money, but in spending it wisely.” Of course we shall be spending those hard-earned money wisely if we will opt for second-hand items from numerous shops online instead of buying the same thing brand new from the mall, which may also entail other related expenses, like spending for food, transportation or for unplanned purchases of items you just happened to discover in a pile two racks down below.

We also have to be very discriminate about which items to buy brand new + which ones to get pre-owned. Here are a few of the things I’d say are safe to get second-hand:

  • Books ~ Books are simply ageless + does not lose their value even when you get it at a lesser cost at a thrift shop. I have one too many pre-owned paperbacks in my stash which I got online. Sure gives me a lot of savings rather than getting a new copy from the bookstore. I can even splurge on a few more titles, which makes the book-lover-me a very happy camper 😉
  • Cars ~ it is rather costly to buy this item brand new so I will really opt for one of those second-hand models sold at any St George car dealerships or the likes. This will save you a considerable amount + will give you more value for your money as well. Just make sure to go to those reputable dealers + have the car checked thoroughly before deciding to buy it.
  • Other appliances ~ kitchen appliances like toasters, stove or refrigerator sounds safe enough to buy second-hand, as well as vacuum cleaners, washing machine or computers + other gadgets, too. Just make sure you get them from friends or people you know very well so you will be assure that they came from good hands + that you can still use them for a few good years
  • Items of clothing ~ socks + other under garments ought to be bought brand new + that is non-debatable! But in case of dresses, skirts, jeans or maternity clothes + costumes, for example, I guess it is safe to try those pre-owned stuff you can find in thrift shops online. Just make sure to sanitize them first, by putting them on boiling water {depending on washing instructions at the back, of course!} + washing them thoroughly.
  • Toys ~ you have to discern which type of toys you’d get pre-owned + which you’d rather buy brand new. Teethers of any kind ought to be brought brand new, along with other toys that will end up inside our little ones mouth. Children’s books, board books, along with blocks + wooden alphabet toys {like the one in the photo}, I guess, are safe enough to be bought second-hand, just make sure to wash those that can be soaked in water + air out books + clean toys with wipes before handing them out to our children to enjoy!

Off to a pre-loved shopping spree? Where do you shop + what usually do you get? Tell me all about it in a comment below, right? 😉

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  1. i do love buying items on second hand, i agree with you sis that books, some toys, cars and clothing can be bought second hand. I love scouring the book shop for less than 100php books which you usually see in NBS for more than 300php. with regards to clothing, ukayukay are the best areas for buying:D sa toys naman, I check out my online friends who listed some of their kids toys for sale:D

  2. I love shopping second hand items.. here are some of the things that I bought (online and offline):
    toys> such as building blocks, cars and the likes
    clothes>> I do buy second hand clothes even for my kids
    books> I buy that too 🙂

    I think a no, no in buying second hand items is underwear! yuck!

  3. I love shopping second hand items.. here are some of the things that I bought (online and offline):
    toys> such as building blocks, cars and the likes
    clothes>> I do buy second hand clothes even for my kids
    books> I buy that too 🙂

    I think a no, no in buying second hand items is underwear! yuck!

  4. Talagang non-debatable ung hindi pagbili ng pre-loved socks and undergarments 🙂 I usually buy second-hand books to encourage my kids to read more.

  5. I haven’t thought of buying pre-owned items for the girls but I did on some gadgets. I have to really look around and review the transactions made with that person 🙂

  6. I bought some second hand items from an online friend. A backpack, some toys and a dslr bag;) and i never regretted for it.

  7. As long as clothes still look wearable, I still buy those on second hand shops. I also love buying books at Booksale 🙂

    1. Booksale is one of my most fave shops. Used to buy aplenty especially back when I was just pregnant with my little one 😉

  8. I guess we have the same belief with regards to buying second-hand stuff sis. Sometimes, there’s really no need to buy brand new things, especially if their value (in cash) would greatly decrease after a year or two – as in the case of most gadgets and cars.

  9. I tried once buying in “ukay-ukay” (the term used here in the Philippines). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use it. I got scared because my husband told me that, the first owner may be deceased already that’s why they were selling her pre-loved items.

    We bought second hand SUV. We bought it from my sister-in-law.

    I think it’s best that we buy second hand items from people we know or from a store that we trust.

  10. I have no problem buying second hand books, but with toys, clothes, cars and other appliances, I really prefer to buy new ones.

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