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a roller shutter garage door is but one of the things you have to worry about when you plan to get your own car

Buying your own car might just be anyone else’s biggest goal in life. Who does not want to have the luxury of having a car at your disposal + enjoying the comfort of going to just about anywhere you fancy at the time you wanted to. Simply bliss, right? Of course some say it is fairly easy to purchase a car or a van big enough for one’s growing family. You find a reputable agent, withdraw the needed amount for down payment + let your bank handle the rest through your pre-approved car loan! Easy-peasy!

Not everyone would agree, though, + nearly not everyone can afford to pay for a down payment, much more get car loans from banks approved! It would take a few more years for an ordinary employee working in a reputable company with just above-minimum salary, for example, to save enough for a 10% down payment. On top of that, you also have to worry about other car-related issues that might just crop up once you decide to buy your own car including car insurance, driver’s license, + if you happen to not have one of those garages equipped with a roller shutter garage door nationwideltd.co.uk {like the one photographed above} on standby, you also have to worry about parking + parking fees, too! You cannot simply park your new car outside your house where it can attract the attention of passersby, or worse car-nappers or car-jackers! Add to those concerns the cost of car maintenance, oil + gas prices, as well has toll fees!

Having said all that, it is actually best to plan your car purchase very carefully. If you think the advantages outweighs the disadvantages + the problems that might come up along the way, by all means go for it! Getting a family vehicle, is after all, one of the best gifts you can give to your family + yourself!

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  1. We are lucky that we have three garages in our house. Yet! we still need more room for my husband’s vehicle and his toys 🙂 Garage is nice especially in the winter where you keep your vehicle from the snow.

    1. wow! that is just a lot of garages in one house! i would love to see your toys, i bet you’ve got a lot to fill 3 of them! 🙂

  2. I agree getting a driver’s license always associated with getting a car as well. Then, after a car, all things also been something to worry about. That’s true, I would never park our car outside our garage door. Unwanted things such as hails or just a nature accidents.

    1. one actually leads to a whole new other things that ought to concern a new car owner, but i guess, as the saying goes, “if there is a will, there is a way.” a person will always find a way to sort things out if he’d really want to own a car! 😉

    1. thanks, i really believe those are two primary basis in any buying + decision-making we do, if we have the necessity + the means to buy it! 😉

  3. We have two vehicles a car and a pick up truck but they are not brand new when we bought its a second hand but still very good. It is really good to own a car and I can relate…

    1. getting second-hand cars is also a great way to go about it! more practical, too! both of jared’s dad’s car are bought from previous owners!

  4. speaking of car insurance, I am still in doubt whether our family should get a new car when I learn how to drive. it would raise the cost of insurance, wouldn’t it? oh well, I still want to learn how to drive one of these days.

  5. buying a car be luxurious things to many especially when you are in the country where car isn’t the main transportation service. But when you are in the country like America or maybe some other countries out there that requires an individual to have a car wouldn’t be a luxury anymore for it is part of the human needs. Anyway, in our case, its nice to have another car but that’s not our priority right now and besides budget is tight so we have to put it on hold until we have some financial breathing room.

  6. I’d love to have my own car one day, but I first have to brush up on my driving. Just the though of driving in Manila gives me goosebumps 🙂

    1. am sure you will! it is one of my dream too, but i’ve given up on the hummer + the ferrari, although i am hanging on to the honda prius dream! 😀

  7. Let’s not be stupid, cars are awesome! We all want to own one someday. And this roller shutter garage door is perfect as one of your preparations for your new car. Who knows. 🙂

    1. they really are! i bet if everyone of us can afford it, we’ll be zooming in the high-way with our ferraris + aston martin, won’t you agree? 😉

  8. thats a huge garage. 2-4 cars would fit in there. if u have a garage like that, its a shame that you only have one car. here in US, its not very hard to get a car, you can get a car for a $100! for a used one. that is if you know where to look at. my husband just had one for a $100 and sold it for $1,300. hows that? hehehe…

    1. wow! a car for just $100?? that is quite a bargain. if one is so adept at spotting these used cars for sale, i think they’d make a great living out of it! 😀

  9. having own Owning car is really helpful especially if your family often visits go to far places. but of course having own car is really hard to achieve unless if you cab afford to have one though. 🙂

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