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One of the simple pleasures I’ve developed as a mum is taking photos of my little man. I have a massive collection of photographs dating back to the day Jared was born sitting in my hard drive. I try to take photos everyday + whenever the shutter-urge kicks in. Now, I may not be as adept to taking photos like a utah wedding photographer, but I really love taking photographs of my little man, chronicling every milestone + every important occasion in his life, or day-to-day moment as his life unfolds.

It was a good thing I found this site online that offers photo printing services at a minimal fee, I get to print hundreds upon hundreds of photos for FREE even + all I’ve got to do is pay for the shipping fee! In fact, I have printed hundreds of the little man’s photographs + some now proudly lie in the first + only scrapbook I have made for him ~ his first year of life! I had a lot of help from my sister, of course, who was jobless at the time + took the responsibilities of taking care of my son while I work. Oh well, I really fancied making all those beautiful + elaborate scrapbooks, but I guess I was not creative like that so I settled for the old-school photo album, just so I can have all these photographs organized + safely tucked somewhere. I do have to work on this a bit more, though, as I still have photos in envelopes + small boxes that I need to transfer to photo albums which I have yet to acquire. I need to print labels + dates, as well + rummage through my piles for receipts + tags that I’d also throw in to make the albums more scrapbook-ish! 😀

Looking over the photos I have printed over + over again is something I love to do whenever I have downtime, they sure bring a lot of wonderful memories. It is something my little man caught, too. He enjoys looking at our photos pointing at members of the family whom he can instantly recognize now. It makes all the trouble of printing + organizing photographs really worth it!

Can you share a tip or two on how you organize your little ones photographs? 🙂

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