seeing my dear friend again after a long time

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friends, meet ups, simple pleasures

It has been ages since I last saw my friend + teammate {from my old work}, Chris, who also happens to be the little man’s godmother, too! She’s one of my closest friends back at work + we were almost always together, we sit in stations right next to each other + have our breaks + lunches {or more appropriately, dinner,} together, too! To say that I miss my dear friend is actually an understatement. If ever I were still going to work, I bet we will still be as close as we’ve been!

I am actually so thrilled to find out she was actually going to come to Jared’s birthday party + was really excited to see her again! We’ve shared one too many important occasions in our lives, as well as a number of secrets, too! + although we never see each other that often I still hold her very dear to my heart.

meet ups, friends, simple pleasuresfriends, meet ups, simple pleasures

My friend’s presence on my little man’s celebration is more than enough birthday gift for me, too. So you can just imagine my delight when she’s also brought a present for me, apart from her gifts to Jared. 🙂

I really love this pristine e-candle you gave me friend, as well as the different shared it gives off. Thanks so much, it now keeps the room well lit as we sleep into the night.

I just hope we had more time to catch up each other during my son’s party. Oh well, I know I shall be seeing you again, friend, + am crossing my fingers that it will be soon! ^_^

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  1. wow,i love it when friends come together. It’s always refreshing… and I am sure you two had a blast catching up. Belated happy birthday to you sis and to your little Jared! Here for last week’s WW, as promised!

    1. seeing friends again after a long time is one of the best feelings ever! thanks so much for the greetings, sis! ^_^

  2. awww! Friends always find time to enjoy each other’s friendships 🙂 Near or far friends are always available 🙂 Dropping by from Wednesday Whites 🙂

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