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The world of interior design works much like high street and designer fashion, though it tends to move a little slower. The same few names have ruled the roost for a few years now, but recently we’ve seen a few newer (and not so new) names have been making some headway and selling more and more of their designs.

Since a lot of people don’t know much about what’s hot in interior design, but are becoming more interested in decorating their homes a little more luxuriously, there tends to be a bit of crossover between the designers that are fashionable on the high street and the designers who are popular in people’s houses. One such name is Calvin Klein, whose collection of modern rugs is fast becoming a commodity, much like his iconic boxer shorts and fragrances.

home, home furnishings, mum's thoughts

With fashion houses like Calvin Klein being as large as they are, it’s somewhat strange that we’ve not seen this kind of crossover sooner; vast amounts of experience coupled with an eye for colours that will look perfect in any home all year round means that one day the new ranges of soft furnishings may become as famous as the Calvin Klein originals.

Calvin Klein’s Sahara range in particular is ideal for summer, and features a linear design which is accented with faux silk to add a little luxury under foot. With bright, block colours, and a large variety of styles and materials across the ranges, any of the new line of rugs will add life to a living room in winter, and keep any summer day sunny regardless of the weather. Many are expecting the new Calvin Klein rugs to take off, so there’s no reason we can’t expect to see plenty more massive fashion brands featuring on our lounge floors this time next year. Check out these fashion rugs from to start looking for the most posh rugs for your living room, if you haven’t already! 😉

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