choosing a halloween costume for the little man

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opting for the arcade instead of looking for a Halloween costume

To see my little man in a costume is one of my long-time mummy dream. I’ve been looking forward to seeing him in those oh-so-cute bumblebee or dinosaur costumes for toddlers, but alas, up until now, I have not been successful into egging him to even try out any of  those fancy + scary costumes. I was thinking that since he’s now 3, he might be more open + excited about the idea, so we head to the mall earlier to go looking for a costume he’d wear on his tita‘s trick or treat at work {which we’ve also attended last year, check out this post} on Tuesday. He was keen on scrutinizing some of the costumes he find interesting + we even get to try out Robin’s mask. I saw him eyeing this cute Spiderman costume so I excitedly asked him if he’d like to give this one a go, too bad the suit includes a head mask. The little man immediately darted away + abandon his like for the web-throwing hero’s costume like a hot potato! He, instead, decided to just go out of the department store + went playing at the arcade!

Oh well, we’ll be going to the city on Monday for some errands, I will make sure we hit the stores to search for something he might be interested to wear tomorrow. Wish us luck! 🙂

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