DIY Imaginative Outdoor Photography

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If you have a vintage princess chair or another chair from a site like SofaSofa, take a favorite piece of furniture outdoors and use them as a prop for your kids to sit on. Surrounded by the fall time leaves and pretty trees, the vintage chair and your children will create an amazing photo. Now it’s up to you to dress your child up for the occasion and even have them match the princess chair if you’d like. It will be a fall time masterpiece in the making.If it’s that time again to take pictures of your kids because they’ve gotten a year older or you’d like to take pictures just for creativity’s sake, don’t get stressed out over hiring a photographer. Instead be your own photographer and utilize decorations that you have in the home. If the leaves are falling in your backyard or there are still some flowers in bloom, take advantage of the nature surrounding you and take your own darling pictures that you will look back on and be proud of. DIY outdoor photography is fun if you put your mind to it and plus, it’s easy to take full advantage of beautiful décor pieces that are within your reach at home.

Don’t stop with only using a chair, except for if it is too heavy to carry outdoors! Use other creative pieces from within your home such as your child’s favorite pillows (they will help the little ones stay comfortable), and look for other props such as a throw that’s easy to wash. Spread out the throw on the grass outdoors and organize the pillows on top of the blanket. This way you’ll create a beautiful tent like setup that will look magical and inviting. Your little one won’t even know they’re being photographed as you make them smile while they’re sitting on their comfortable blanket while enjoying their surroundings!

If implementing décor pieces isn’t what you were imagining for your pictures, simply use the great outdoors, from the mountains to the garden area. Dressing up your kids in darling apparel and matching them up to the fall leaves or the mountains will look grand and the pictures will turn out wonderful. There are many elements in your home that are fun to use, but the beautiful scenery outside is just as easy to take full advantage of. Now you know that DIY photography is a lot easier than you thought!

Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger at her blog Ocean Dreams. She loves to take pictures and implementing décor pieces is all the more fun.

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