Dressing rules: Break them and follow your heart!

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Most normal women feel cautious of their choice of clothes. Their own preference is over powered by what others may think about it. You must have noticed it even with yourself while buying clothes that you would normally ask your friends or your family’s opinion if a particular piece of clothing looks good on you, + would drop the item like a hot potato when they disapprove of it, even if you kind of like the piece of clothing, anyway.

More often than not, women follow fashion expert’s advice. They further restrict your choices + keep you from exploring what could do wonders to your appearance. For instance busty women are advised by most fashion experts to wear v-neck t-shirts with solid colors. Come on, does not that get boring after a week? You cannot go on a beach with a t-shirt! A better option for me is a shaping swimwear. It keeps you from looking bulky and brings your figure in shape.

In case of everyday wear, you should not go by the rules, either. Here’s another example of one such irrelevant rule: a thin women should try to highlight their bust to make them look prominent. For that, they suggest clothes with color designs over the chest. Now, I do not understand the logic behind this. They suggest those with bigger bust to hide them and those with lesser one to make it prominent. It is all about feeling comfortable in what you wear. Do not restrict yourself from wearing anything that appeals to you.

It is essential to note that colors do play an important role in the way you look. Instead of listening to experts’ advice on what design to wear, simply take care of the color. For example black color is considered to make you look slimmer than you are. It is also the color of mystery + seduction. Red is considered to be the color of romance + chocolate brown will make you look curvier than you are. However, I am not asking you to restrict your dressing options to these colors, experiment with your clothes until you have found the one that best suits you. Nobody knows you more than you. So, there is no point in going to an expert to ask which swimwear for women will look best on you. Forget all the rules and simply follow your heart because dressing is all about feeling good and not merely pleasing people.

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