Hooray for the new Vitamin C that pops + rocks!

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Do you always have problems whenever you ask your little ones to take their vitamins? I for one have been having recurring problems when it comes to giving the little man his daily dose of vitamin C. For some unexplainable reasons my son has developed a chronic dislike of everything medicine + would really give a fight whenever we’d have to give him medications for his cough, fever, or even when it is just a harmless Vitamin C tablet! Quite a problem if you’d ask me! I’d rather chuck the pill altogether than see him cry, wail + vomit!

Oh well, the geniuses at Unilab, the same guys who gave us Ceeling + Ceelin Chewables, who came up with Vitapops put an end to all our medicine-giving woes + surely revolutionize the way little children will look at their Vitamin C from now on. Imagine turning “taking meds” time into fun time? It couldn’t get better than this! I bet the little ones will have a great experience with this concoction that magically pops in the mouth! It truly rocks + I bet they will even ask mum for more!

products, product review, products for children, products for toddlers

Vitapops in a Nutshell

Vitapops is the most exciting + fun Vitamin C in the market to date. It comes in pop-rocks form that fizzles inside the mouth, making Vitamin-time not only healthy but a fun activity for both kids + mums! Finally here comes a Vitamin C that is not only good for the kiddos but is something they will actually enjoy + look forward to.

Vitapops contains 50mg of Vitamin C in Sodium Ascorbate form + has only 1/5 the amount of sugar found in other Vitamin C products. It is also FDA-approved + very safe for the kiddos to take. + the secret to the popping magic? When the granules that contain Carbon Dioxide come in contact with moisture, it dissolves + the gas escapes quickly producing that fizzing + popping sound!

Mum’s two-cents

What I love about Vitapops is that:

  • It actually makes taking Vitamin C an enjoyable experience for both mums + children
  • It even comes in a very safe single-dose sachet packaging so it is easy for children to carry around or bring to school in their lunch boxes, too!
  • It is very affordable at Php 10 per sachet
  • It can be taken even on empty stomach + will not cause stomach irritation
  • It is very safe + does not cause skin allergies

I cannot wait for my little man to try it, too bad it is only recommended for children 4 years old + up so we’ll have to wait another year until his poppin’ rock experience begins. I’ve actually given the samples provided for me by Unilab to my niece + nephew + they totally liked it. In fact, looking at their pictures, they do not look like they were actually taking Vitamin C at the time at all! Shane even asked me to buy her a box of Vitapops the next time + she promised she’d take a sachet regularly.

Vitapops is now available at leading drugstores nationwide, so I suggest you get some + start that poppin’ rock experience with your little ones! 😀

 Disclaimer: I was provided free samples of this product but all opinion are 100% mine

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