Paint Colours to Match your Interior

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Your choice of interior paint colours could ultimately make or break the look of your house. While you may have designed the house of your dreams, choosing mismatched colours or mixing themes together can sometimes leave your house looking more like the mish-mashed creation of a toddler. To avoid the disappointment of horrid colour choices, follow our simple guide for choosing paint colours to match your interior. Once you begin the journey of transforming your home, you’ll be upgrading your whole house, one room at a time!

Consider Existing Features & Furniture

If you have a favourite piece of furniture, you can always match your interior theme using this as a starting point. Painting a brightly coloured room with antique furniture, for instances, can sometimes be a disaster. You should also consider the colours and styles of any existing features that cannot be painted, such as skirting boards, ceiling fans and ornate door entries. Choosing colours that complement the style of your house will go a long way in creating a magnificent interior.

Light Colours to Create Space

Home owners with smaller interior spaces should try to avoid darker paint colours. While darker colours can often make a bold statement or create atmosphere within a room, they are also known for making spaces appear to be much smaller than in reality. Lighter paint colours will create the illusion of a larger living area, often opening up a room and allowing more light into the space. For ideas and inspiration you can check out some display homes from the leading house builders Brisbane has to offer.

Creating Warmth with Darker Colours

If you are blessed with having large open living spaces, using darker paint choices can assist in creating a more homely feel. While large rooms are beautiful, they can sometimes be draughty or unwelcoming. Choosing darker colours if earthy or classic tones will assist in adding warmth to your home environment.

Online Tools for Matching Colours

For home owners who are still struggling to match their paint choices with their interior, jump online for some free and easy assistance. Today’s modern world of technology has provided budding interior designs with a limitless number of online resources, designed specifically for assistance with colour matching. While some programs do cost a small price, there are a number of free online tools available, along with some great apps too.

Expert Advice

When it comes to selecting both your exterior and interior paint colours, talk to your professional home builder for advice. While you may not see them at the same time, your interior paint colours should reflect the mood created by your exterior paint choices. A great deal of knowledge goes into choosing exterior paints, with reputable builders only using the highest quality materials. Once you have decided on a choice for your exterior paint, you can begin to create an interior masterpiece.

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