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mum’s usual package from Art’s Cow

One of the simple pleasures I’ve discovered online is to get great deals using coupons + to order prints from Art’s Cow. I’ve ordered numerous prints to date, along with various other personalized items, too! Apart from several hundreds of photos, I have also purchased a photo book along with a bunch of other stuffs like puzzles for the little man, a mouse pad, + a couple of watches for me + the little man. Their items are of good quality + they ship my orders timely that I’d get them after 2 weeks or so! + would you believe that I get most of the items for free + all I need to do is pay for the shipping?

My current favorite is this Lightning McQueen bag {I shall feature it in a separate post}, which I have ordered last month. What I love about this eco-bag is that it is so huge I use it regularly whenever we go to the grocers as it fits a number of grocery items, including a 1.6kilo can of milk+ a whole bunch of other pantry staples . It is also very sturdy so it is now my regular shopping companion. Oh well, I am also waiting for my latest order + I cannot wait to get my personalized stamp pad{I will be using it for my postcard collecting hobby}!

I am such a huge Art’s Cow fan that is why I am so thrilled to share with you this coupon code: 99centsmumwrites

By using this code you can order numerous personalized items that you fancy + pay 99 cents plus FREE SHIPPING! How good can it get, right? Check out all the items you can browse from here: 😉

For all these great finds, it is really easy to surmise that Art’s Cow is truly a god-send + I’ll be sure to order more stuff from them in the future {as long as my pocket permits, that is! ;)}.

Use the 99centsmumwrites coupon code + begin your Art’s Cow journey! 🙂 Let me know what personalized items you ordered from them in a comment below, right? 😉

Disclaimer: No, I was not compensated by Art’s Cow for this post + all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. i’m interested in art’s cow photobook, sis. but i’m wondering how it’s delivered. do you have to go to the post office for the package? if yes, are there other fees to be paid sa PO?

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