Yes Mommy: a Workshop on How to talk so your child will listen + understand

events, mummy events, parenting workshopsHave you ever felt like you were not as effective a mum as you’d like to be because your child won’t simply listen to you and you cannot get him to do the things that he is ought to be doing? Have you ever felt alone, trying to figure out this baffling parenting business on your own and dreams of meeting mothers of like mind to share your experience and your woes? I have on one too many occasions and aspires that there maybe a seminar or a talk especially for mums like us where we can share our frustrations and our view.

Finally, here’s a workshop for us mums, Yes Mommy! Learn how to talk so our child will listen and get practical tips and tools to talk with our children persuasively and lovingly. I know I needed that! ūüėČ

Yes Mommy event details

  • When: Saturday, 15 December, 2012
  • Where: COWO Asia, Ground Floor, Suntree Tower at #27 Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
  • Self Talk for Mommies: Why positive communication begins with you
  • How to understand your child‚Äôs personality
  • How to adjust your communication style based on your child‚Äôs personality
  • The Three Elements of Positive Communication: Crucial factors to encourage your children to¬†listen and understand
  • How to say ‚Äúno‚ÄĚ by saying ‚Äúyes‚ÄĚ
  • Take advantage of the early bird rate of P1,200 per participant {paid before 01 December, 2012}
  • Regular rate is at P1,400/participant
  • Grab the group discount of P1,000 for 3 or more participants
Kindly visit Manila Workshops or Optimommy to register.
This workshop is presented by Manila Workshops and Optimommy and co-presented by Unilab. St. Patrick, Xend and Nutri-Del are minor sponsors.
Continue Reading ~ a new online resource for mums and mums-to-be

online resources for mums, site review, reviewsPregnancy opened up a whole new world for me and without a mum to guide me throughout this exciting yet difficult, thrilling yet frightening phase in my life, I turned to pregnancy and parenting books and other publications, as well as parenting online sites to show me the ropes. I was rummaging through motherhood topics upon topics in the forum of this parenting site I’ve signed up for to search for helpful tips and essential tidbits of information, or at some point, a virtual pat on the shoulder when everything seems to be not going my way, which I was able to use while I was pregnant, and later on when I gave birth and became a mum.

Parenting sites have really been an indispensable part of my motherhood journey that is why I am thrilled to share with you a new site that I am sure will be able to guide and help you as you go along your own parenting journey, too ~ in a nutshell

reviews, site review, online resources for mumsIt is a portal of valuable information, useful tricks and latest news on anything and everything parenting, with nuggets of wisdom you can use at whatever phase of parenting you might be in at the moment. For those in the Pre-conception stage, you will find useful tips about Ovulation Calculator as well as useful suggestions for those who are having trouble getting pregnant on the Preconception tab.  You will get everything you need to care for yourself and the baby in your tummy at every trimester, as well as a comprehensive pregnancy guide on the Pregnancy tab.

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Hygiene 24 and Hygiene Pro: Smart mums’ 24-hour Partner to Go Mold-Free

products, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, home

Don’t you find molds a tad annoying? They can be just about anywhere and when you let down your guards, say forgot about leftover foods on the fridge for over a week, or left a soiled clothes sitting in the hamper for a day too long, these nasty molds will take over leaving your food or your child’s clothes worthy of nothing else but the trash bin!

Those fuzzy green stuff growing on the surface of spoiled food may look nasty and offensive but you haven’t heard the end of it. Molds are long, skinny, mushroom-like creatures that have roots that invade not only our food but our food storage, as well. These roots can grow deep and can breed in all kinds of food, and ultimately, our meals, too!

Not only that, molds have Mycotoxins, or  poisonous substances that can infect  crops, like corn, rice and wheat.  The most dangerous types of mycotoxins are the aflatoxins, which are carcinogenic chemical compounds produced by certain molds that are present in corn and peanuts. Exposure to aflatoxins, as well as acute aflatoxicosis, can result to abdominal pain, vomiting, convulsions, edema, coma, and worse, death, according to the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropic.  The kind of mold that grows on our food and food storage can cause cerebral edema, and kidney, liver and heart damage.

Missouri Families produced by the College of Human Environmental Sciences, Extension Division, University of Missouri-Columbia suggests that we clean the inside of our refrigerator every few months with one tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in one quart of water and rinse with clear water to help prevent the growth of mold.

In the same manner, using antimicrobial treatments on your food storage places will immensely help in fighting mold growth. But not most chemical out in the market today kill molds. What do we do now?

Thankfully, mums now have a new partner in going mold-free at home ~ Hygiene 24 and Hygiene Pro. A brain child of Hygiene Science Inc, these new innovations are mum’s solution to having the ultimate 24-hour protection from molds! They have new antimicrobial properties that will reduce the chance for harmful molds from breeding on our food and food storage and¬†make use of a revolutionary antimicrobial treatment that is performed through the process called lysis, where the patented active ingredient eliminates the microbe, not by poisoning it, but by disrupting its cell wall with electrostatic charge, killing it effectively and ultimately providing protection for a long period of time even after washing.

Hygiene 24, an antimicrobial hand shield that gives 24 hour protection to our hands, is a completely unique method of promoting and protecting the health of both adults and children, may they be at work, in school or at home. This product, unlike the common alcohol-based antibacterial products in the market today that contains more than 60% alcohol which may cause skin irritation , is formulated with a minimum amount of alcohol to insure that it will not dry the skin and cause redness, chapping and flaking. It is also effective not only against molds but bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and algae, as well.

Hygiene Pro, a clear, colorless, antimicrobial solution, is a coating that can be used for homes, hospitals, offices, restaurants and school cafeterias. It is non-toxic, non-mutagenic, and non-allergenic, so it is mums’ perfect partner for all our cleaning need around the home. It ¬†also contains no thickeners, stabilizers, colorants, dyes or additives.

For more information on their products, follow Hygiene 24 and Hygiene Pro on Facebook¬†{}¬†and if you want in-depth knowledge on how you can go beyond clean, you might as well sign-up for their FREE e-course¬†{} now. I just did! ūüôā¬†

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