Conzace: Mum’s New Partner in Heavy Duty Immunity Boosting

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I must admit, keeping watch of a 3-year old who is a ball of boundless energy can really take its toll on mum’s health. I need to be active and stay alert all the time to keep up and even had to stay awake even way past my physical capacity just so I can perform my mum duties. Don’t forget that I also have a house to tend + several blogs to update, on top of that! Most days I miss out on precious sleep and work until the wee hours of the morning just so I can finish everything that has to be done online, other times I just get overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do both online + off.
I am not as strong and healthy as I used to be and after a surgery {I had a CS operation when I gave birth to Jared} I noticed that my once healthy body, who’d get sick with cough and colds once a year, was suddenly experiencing an assortment of illnesses. Only this year, I had been to the doctor about four times already. I had to have my throat checked earlier this year due to a persistent cough and a hoarse voice. I had to go for another check-up when my left jaw swelled beyond proportion a few month’s back, too! It was a good thing it was just to do with my salivary glands and nothing really serious. I must admit, none of these doctor visits would’ve been necessary if I had a stronger immune system, but given the lifestyle that I have now, there is really a great chance that I am abusing my body, thereby making my immune system weaker!
It was a great thing I now have a new partner in boosting my immune system so I can probably kiss those illnesses goodbye real soon. I’ve just recently discovered Conzace and I must say, I will never take another vitamin after this!

Conzace in a nutshell

products, product review, healthy products for women + children, health, women health, medicine
The secret to our strong immunity is in our white blood cells and weak white blood cells cause the regular diseases that make us go “out-of-order” on certain periods of time. Our old common practice is to dose up on Vitamin C to boost our immunity but this is actually not enough as our body needed more. We need to constantly replenish our white blood cells and we need Zinc to help our body produce them. Note, too, that we our body can only absorb 200mg of Vitamin C and anything we take in excess is simply flushed down in our urine. Money down the drain!
products, product review, healthy products for women + children, health, women health, medicine
This is where Conzace can come in handy. It has formula that makes stronger white blood cells, thereby making our immunity stronger, too. It has 500g of Vitamin C to develop white blood cells, 100 IU of Vitamin E and a dose of Vitamin A that intensify the protection of these white blood cells, and 25mg of Zinc that multiplies white blood cells ensuring that we have the right number of them to defend us from sickness. Conzace, in fact, has higher Zinc than other popular vitamins in the Philippines.
Conzace is the Number 1 prescribed multivitamin for heavy duty immunity boosting and doctors have been prescribing it for years. It comes in a soft gel capsule formulation that it is easier to swallow. All nutrients found in Conzace also have antioxidant properties. Take it at night and experience the benefit of having a good sleep. You can also take it in the morning but be sure not to take it in on an empty stomach.

Mum’s two-cents

Am not really too fond of taking pills so Conzace is really a great vitamin to take since it has most of the nutrients that my body requires for optimal immunity health. And since one vitamin takes the place of an assortment of other pills, it is also very cost-effective and a perfect choice for practical mums like me.
Conzace retails at P12.40 and is available in Mercury Drugs, Watson’s and other leading drugstores. For more information, visit Conzace on Facebook {}.

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  1. It’s quite expensive, but I think if it works, then the price is justified. 😛 I have not tried this one, maybe I will after I’ve finished my current brand of vitamins.. 😛

  2. I’m also taking multivitamins daily. It’s really important to keep ourselves healthy for the sake of our kids and loved ones.

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