“It’s almost Christmas, what to do if I lose my job?”

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I bet these are the exact same thoughts that run though the troubled minds of about 300 Steel Corporation of the Philippines {SCP} employees who are now facing the imminent danger of losing their jobs after the Batangas Regional Trial Court Branch 3 issued an order for the company to undergo liquidation proceedings.

This same court decision fueled the adamant employees to protest what they see as a clear violation of the Labor Code of the Philippines.

In addition, the SCP employees stressed that the rehabilitation court disregarded what the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court earlier ordered that there are still pending cases filed by the group in connection with the issue.

According to more than 50 SCP workers who recently trooped to the Batangas Hall of Justice, they fear of losing their jobs, especially now that the Christmas season is approaching, due to the alleged lack of knowledge by RTC Branch-3 Judge Ruben Galvez about the real state of their company.

“Magkano ang perang involved Judge?!” (How much money is involved Judge?!), the angry employees harangued in front of Batangas City Hall of Justice as they asked Judge Galvez to inhibit from the case. The legal counsel of SCP has already filed a Motion to Intervene with Motion to Suspend Execution of the Order of Liquidation.

The implementation of the liquidation proceedings can be considered a court blunder without the issuance of a 30-day prior notice to the employees for work stoppage as stated in the Labor Code, confided Atty. Herman Nicdao.

“As I stressed earlier, the SCP was in full operation prior to the issuance of the liquidation proceedings. There is no reason to cease operation. So under the law, a 30-day prior notice is required before an employee may be terminated,” he added.

According to him, more than 300 employees of SCP will also not be able receive their wages once the order is implemented.  He then called on Judge Galvez to resolve the dispute as soon as possible for the sake of the families of SCP employees.

“Although BDO assured that if the liquidation proceedings is carried out, they will take care of the financial aspect of the affected workers, what assurance can they give that they are talking about the continuous employment of the workers and not talking about the separation pay of the workers?” Nicdao asked.

Until now, Nicdao maintained that the workforce of SCP is not yet formally informed of the reasons why their company will cease operation.

While there are ongoing debate by the counsels from both parties, it was noted that BDO has yet to give an assurance that employees of SCP will be absorbed once they take over the company.

Moreover, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, another counsel for SCP, shared that it is indicated in the corporation code that in cases of liquidation proceedings, the baseline of loans and credits should be made clear to every stake holders. He also hopes that justice will be served not only for the interest of SCP but also for the welfare of its 300 employees who are in peril of losing a source of living.

It was revealed that court-appointed receiver Atty. Norma Singson De Leon recently issued a report that SCP is no longer operating rather it was placed under “maintained” and “padlocked” status.  This was then followed by the issuance of the liquidation order from Galvez.

SCP Employees Union President Ruben Rodriguez denied the allegations and stated that their company is 100% fully operational.

“Hindi kailanman tumigil ang operasyon ng aming kumpanya. Baka ang sinasabi nila ay yung pagpapahinto ng operation ng isa sa aming linya na bihira din namang nangyayari. Pero kapag hininto ang isang linya, ay tuloy pa rin ang trabaho ng lahat dahil inililipat ang ilan sa amin sa ibang linya kaya’t walang nababakanteng trabahador sa min!” Rodriguez emphasized.

The danger of losing one’s job, especially in this time of year, is something none of us wants to experience. I personally do not want to be part of the growing statistics. Also, I cannot imagine what I’d do if I were to lose a job and my family depended on my income for our day-to-day expenses. I hope that SCP officials will fight their case to protect their employees, as well as their company. I hope, too, that all those who are concerned will do their best to uphold the rulings of the court and be sure that justice will be served where it is due.

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  1. This is very sad especially now that the holiday season is already in the air. It’s supposed to be a season of fun and festivities, but it’s a different story for the workers and employees of SCP. I hope this will get immediate resolution.

  2. it’s just sad that in the Philippines there’s no programs that helps the unemployed individual. Unlike here in America, once you are unemployed you can always go to the government agencies to apply for unemployment benefits.

  3. I also feel for these people. I have a cousin who’s company is calling it quits this December too. Times are hard, and these uncertainties make it even harder. All we can do is pray, I guess, and not lose faith.

  4. I think this case they can have an investigative journalist who could show the plights of the employees. This should make increasing the awareness of the situation faster.

  5. I hope they could settle this issue in favor of the workforce because it’s not only this Christmas season that these workers will be affected but the unsure number days on when they could get another job.

  6. I feel for them, this news make me so sad knowing that somewhere people are having sleepless night because of fear of losing their job. I cannot imagine how much stress I’ll be in if I’m in their place.

  7. I think in times like this it will be really good if we have saved something. We tend to spend what we have and not thinking if something bad would happen like losing a job. Life is sometimes unfair but we have to live with it, move on and find a better opportunity.

  8. Loosing one’s job is a very stressful situation indeed. That’s why we should always save for emergencies like this.

  9. It is really saddening to hear about this issue, losing your job on Christmas day is such a depression. Hopefully they can sort this things out.

  10. I’ve also read this article few days ago and it’s a pity for those who work in SCP that they’ll lose their job and it’s before Christmas! It’s so sad to think if they’ll have a happy Christmas but I’m pretty sure that they can still do something to make their Christmas a happy one.

  11. I certainly hope this matter will be resolved with justice s so many people’s source of living are at stake.

  12. This is really sad. Even if you apply the laws of positive thinking, you are still faced with the reality and possibility. I say, pray, and start looking for other jobs!- this early!:) God bless! praying for all people involved.

  13. Naiisip ko palang na pano kung sa akin nangyari ito, natatakot na ako. Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, kahit naman hindi pasko, masakit parin.. I feel for these people. I do hope and pray that God’s hand will be upon them

    1. true! i am a stay-at-home-mum but if ever i am working, it will be one of my worse fear to lose my job, especially since i have a child that depends on me….:(

  14. It’s so sad to hear about the possible loosing job of some employees of SCP. It’s fearful that they would fall into the increasing numbers of unemployed.

  15. Reminds me of how the residents of CdO and Iligan must have had a very sad Christmas last year after Sendong. Hope this problem gets solved so that the families of these employees in this company will have a very merry Christmas.

  16. Being unemployed at any time is a scary thought, but that happening on Christmastime is way worse. Christmas season is our way of celebrating and being thankful for everything. It’s our excuse to be happy despite the problems. But how can I be happy this time if they don’t know where they’ll get money for food for next year. This is really sad. 🙁

    1. it is sis, so am really hoping something good will come out of this and that these workers will continue on with their work without glitch and manage to put food on the table come Christmas Eve….

  17. Wrong timing naman ang pagbaba ng court decision. Many SCP employees are sure to lose their job, not this Holiday season. Sad as it maybe, but I know these poor employees will be vindicated.

  18. I feel sad for the employees. Any time of year is not a good to lose a job esp. when it is where the family depends on. I just hope that the employees will get the justice they deserve.

  19. That is the worst Christmas being laid off during this season especially for the family person who have no other means of earning . I just hope that some company are considerate enough regarding this matter.

  20. this is a dilema for all employees. however, this is also a dilema for the employers. many employees just wait and get their 13th month pay and then leave the company…

  21. I feel for those that will be affected and will lose their jobs. Praying that they can find work right away or better yet the decision will be reversed and they will be retained.

  22. it is really unfortunate and sad that this is happening to a Filipino company most especially to the workers. I have been following this story and I’m really angered by the Filipino judge who took side with the bank.

  23. I’m also a stay-at-home mom who work online. If I lose my internet connection even just for a while I freak out. I guess it goes the same way with these 300 or so SCP employees who fears of losing their jobs. It’s really a basic common sense: if one lose his job, his living would suffer. Who does want to suffer? No one so I really hope the issue will be given immediate solution and these people can put the smile back on their faces again.

  24. Honestly, the workers should expect that everything will go to hell and they’ll lose their jobs. I am not in any way condoning what’s happening, but perhaps, with the odds stacked against them, it would be much better at this time to fight for a hefty severance package complete with year-end bonuses.

  25. It’s not only sad, but it’s scary to lose a job especially if you’re the breadwinner in the family. If worse comes to worst, I hope they get their separation pay and bonuses enough to start anew.

  26. Let us all hope that something good will happen. If this happens to me, I don not know what to do. Losing job in any time of the year is hard, what more if it happens during Christmas season. :/

  27. It is not good if you will be losing your job especially in times of this Christmas season. I hope if they lose the job there are certain separation packages or other means of pay that they can still get from the company.

    1. hopefully, but considering that the company’s gone bankrupt, it might take awhile for them to provide these separation pay for their employees, too 🙁

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