Junior Preneur: inspiring your little businessman

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It is never too early to teach our little ones about the concept of money and saving, as well as nurturing their minute entrepreneurial spirits. In fact, the earlier we introduce the concept, the easier it is for them to understand and appreciate these things. That is why, if you are a mum to gradeschoolers or pre-teens, I highly recommend you visit the Junior Preneur event this coming Saturday!

Junior Preneur in a nutshell

Nothing will inspire your budding entrepreneur than to spend an afternoon with children of like mind, participating in the biggest kids’ bazaar . And if you are so inclined, you can get a booth for P1,500 – 5,000 {depending on your choice of size and location}, and  your little one, and the entire family, can do a selling activity for one whole day.
Not only that you can give your children their very first experience at earning, it is also a perfect opportunity to introduce to them the concept of saving and open their very own bank account, if you haven’t already. A whole lot of other activities are also in store for you and your little business tycoons. Shop for great bargains, let your little ones join in contests and games to win exciting prizes, as well as watch an animal show! Apart from that, you can also teach your children all about charity and compassion as they meet less fortunate children from Cribs and Tahanan Sta. Lusia.

Event details

When: 10 November, 2012, Saturday {12nn-8pm}
Where: People’s Village, Tiendesitas
Are you all psyched up yet to go to this kids bazaar and meet diminutive entrepreneurs? Here’s what you have to do:
  • Sign up at Junior Preneur’s Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/juniorpreneur {and don’t forget to visit them for the program schedule} and pay only P50 admission fee, that’s 50% off from the regular P100 entrance!
  • To reserve a booth,  call the Secretariat Office at 377-3720 or 09399372328. You may also email them at info@juniorpreneur.org
  • You may also visit The Junior Preneur Website {juniorpreneur.org/} for more information
The money you will use to reserve a booth or pay for admission at the Junior Preneur can go a long way. It will provide your children with enriching activities and experiences. Now that is what I call a good investment. Now that’s what being a smart mum is all about!
This event is brought to us by Zoomanity Group, Sony Life, Security Bank, Energen, Ferretti Shoes, Zest-o, TOPS, It Figures and Mister Donut.
See you all this Saturday! 😉

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  1. Indeed! Teaching them early as possible will help them understand easily on things in the future. How I wish this particular event will come here in Cebu. Perhaps, we’ll be attending in that bazaar. Attend lang muna para sa susunod we have the idea when we have plans to be part of it na. 🙂

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