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reading books is one of the things I love to do during those precious me-times

You’re planning to have a well-deserved me-time by spending an afternoon over a cup of coffee with your friends you have not seen in a while, but since you’re a 24/7 mum and does not employ a nanny, you have to ask your husband or your sister to baby sit for you while you’re out. Unfortunately  neither of them was available on a workday than you had no choice but to skip the meet-up altogether. Sounds familiar? I can see a couple of heads nodding.

Most mums will agree that ever sine they become mothers me-time has been scarce. You’d think that once your little bundle of joys grow a little bit older you’d have more time for yourself and you can leave them to fend for themselves even for just a few hours in a week! Totally wrong! Little children are such demanding creatures and their need for our undivided attentions grows with them.

When having those me-times would entail a lot of hard work and would seem almost impossible how would mum take her break now? The quick fix ~ pocket me-time! Schedule to have those much-needed breaks every now and then at home, even for just shorter amounts of time. We work too hard and these breaks will prove beneficial not only to us but also to our loved ones. Remember that we can spend pocket me-times without leaving the safety of our home or spending a considerable amount of money. There are numerous domestic activities we can engage in to help us relax and unwind.

Here are a few things on my list of things to do on my next pocket me-times:

  • Play Bingo Online ~ what a perfect way to unwind while the little one takes his afternoon naps than by trying Not only will it be worthwhile, I might even get a chance to win something! I reckon it will be most entertaining, too, but I must be careful not to bet most of what’s left in my Paypal account, though!
  • Catch Up On My Reading ~ Instead of taking a nap with my little man, I’d snuggle with my favorite book for a change and try to finish a couple of chapters of the paperback I had bookmarked for awhile now
  • Watch Movies on DVD ~ I used to be such a movie buff but since my son developed a certain fascination for movies all I’ve been watching are his favorite cartoons and animations. Watching something that will appeal to my grown-up preference will be a very welcome change
  • Do Yoga ~ I have yet to write about my Yoga progress, but, yes, in one of my future pocket me-times I will commune with my mat once more. Yoga is one sure way to reduce stress and keep me relax and doing it even for a short period of time in a day will prove to be a perfect way to spend some of my precious me-times!

So what are your plans for your next me-time at home?

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  1. Online gaming can really be relaxing especially to those who are stressed out with family chores. Books, movies and yoga can also be refreshing and entertaining.

  2. I love the idea of yoga and the reading thing, add up other engaging activities like the simple afternoon jog or zumba sessions. 🙂 I hope you lived nearby our village, we have wellness centers, just walking distance. 🙂

    1. i would love to try Zumba + jogging, too, but I need to get me a new pair of trainers, first. It will be fun if you have workout buddies to do these fun + healthy activities with! 🙂

  3. ME TIME! (ano yun?) hehe.. I wish I could have one of those right now! I mean, REAL ME TIME.. as in without having to multi-task and any kind of interruptions! 🙂

    1. you can do it, Rain! if there is a will, there is a way. kahit ba 1 hour of uninterrupted me-time in a week, am sure you can easily manage that! 😉

  4. I thought before when my children grew up and I’m finished with responsibilities in sending them to school, I can have all the time in the world to enjoy.. but now that I have time, I’m too lazy namn to get out of the house.. hahaha sounds silly but true 😛

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