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mum for a cause, giveaway alert, Operation Smile Philippines

As a mum my little one’s smiles are my little pieces of heaven here on earth, I bet it is the same for all the mums out there, but some mums aren’t as lucky, especially those whose children are born with cleft deformities. It must have been heart-breaking for them to see their children this way, + what they wouldn’t give to give their little ones more reasons to smile each day.

This is in this light that I bring you my humble + current giveaway. Someone from our various group on Facebook was looking for kind-hearted bloggers to join in + spread the word about Operation Smile Philippines 30th Anniversary + were asked if they can host giveaways to help promote this noble cause.

mum for a cause, giveaway alert, Operation Smile Philippines

Operation Smile Philippines in a nutshell

Operation Smile Philippines celebrate its 30th anniversary this month of November + December, in line with this, they shall conduct free reconstructive surgery by local + international medical volunteers to children with cleft deformities in various parts of our country, including Manila.

Leg 1 {Final Screening of Patients ~ 10 November}

  • Angeles City, Pampanga ~ Ospital Ning Angeles
  • Naga City ~ Bicol Medical Center}
  • Silay City {Teresita Jalandoni Memorial Provincial Medical Center}
  • Cagayan de Oro City {Northern Mindanao Medical Center}

Leg 2 {Final Screening of Patients on 24 November )}

  • Manila ~ Manila Cleft Care Center, Sta. Ana Hospital
  • Cebu  ~Vicente Sotto Medical Center
  • Dasmarinas City, Cavite ~ Dela Salle Medical Center
  • General Santos City
To register, text following details to 0929-355-9866
  • Patient’s Name
  • Age
  • Birthday
  • Address
  • Contact number
You can also visit Chatters Care For Kids Inc. Website or like the Operation Smile Philippines Facebook Page for more information.

A Giveaway

mum for a cause, giveaway alert, Operation Smile Philippines
this is just a sample photo from a previous giveaway. I shall update this once I procured the items!

I hope you can join us in spreading the word, + thereby becoming instruments for this worthy cause to reach as many people as we can. I am giving away Php500 worth of Human Heart Nature products to one {1} lucky winner! All you have to do is join using the Rafflecopter widget, kindly wait for it to load. Giveaway runs until 18 November, 2012. See Giveaway Terms + Conditions at the bottom of the Rafflecopter widget for more information.

Please note that all tasks are mandatory + entries shall be verified. Also, kindly be aware that those who unsubscribed to any of the various Mumwrites social media accounts are automatically disqualified to join this + other future giveaways!

That’s about it, I hope you help us in spreading the good news so that more of our brothers + sisters with cleft deformities will benefit from this program. Thank you so much in advance + good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

first image is from Facebook

Disclaimer: Mumwrites is solely responsible for providing + shipping the prize to the winner.  Chatters Care For Kids Inc. and Operation Smile Philippines will not be held responsible. Know, too, that I am not compensated for this giveaway + shall be buying the giveaway prize from my own pocket.

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  1. I can help them by not teasing them about their deformities and let them know about this event so they can have this surgery for free.

  2. “What can you do to help people with cleft deformities” – my help wud be information dissemination, this might sound simple yet this is an effective way by informing others that we have people “operation smile” that are very willing to help our brothers and sisters who have cleft deformities.

  3. I will make them feel that they are not different from us. Despite of their condition, they should be proud and there’s nothing wrong with it. I will also let them see the brighter and more beautiful side of things

  4. What can I do to help people with cleft deformities is volunteering myself to assist operations since i am newly RN!

  5. I will start at home by educating my children about people with disabilities not only with cleft deformities. I will tell my kids that we have to treat them equally and not make fun of them.

  6. the only person with cleft deformity i’ve personally met was one of my high school teachers. he wasn’t self-conscious (at least to me he never seemed to be) and he taught his subject well. it was really brave of him to teach HS students. so how can i help kids like my HS teacher? if ever i meet someone else with cleft deformity, i’d let their family know there’s an option for their kid through Operation Smile Philippines.

  7. It’s good to know that there are people like you who support a worthy cause like this and that there are organizations like Operation Smile Philippines that aim to improve the lives of children with cleft deformities. God will surely bless you!

  8. by treating them as normal people and by spreading word on how other people can support worthy causes regarding projects helping out people with cleft deformities.

  9. I think the best way to help them is through promoting their advocacy.. it has no cost at all plus it is a great way of sharing the same values they are promoting.. 🙂

  10. I can help by giving ample information to my readers about it, inform my students about it, and discuss other possible ways to help, among my sisters in our sorority.

  11. What can i do to help people with cleft deformities i will treat them as a normal person just like others and i will tell them that they should be proud of and they should not be scared to face people, and they should equally treated like everybody else. Tell them that there are now organizations/ campaigns/operations that helps and improve lives of people with cleft deformities.

  12. “What can you do to help people with cleft deformities? – HELP.. In anyway.. I wanna start volunteering my time to any group since I have left my job.

  13. i can help people with cleft deformities by informing others about this and accepting and treating them as a normal as we are…

  14. Give them advice that they are born to live happy no matter what deformities god given to them! And as long as they live there is a hope for them to smile better! 🙂

  15. will help spread the word about this worthy cause; for now I can’t personally volunteer as assistant in their operations.

  16. I will start spreading this article so whoever person with cleft deformites or person who knows someone with cleft deformities read this , they will be aware about the libreng operasyon para sa bingot at ngongo.

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