The Gift of Giving – Ways to Give to a Friend this Holiday Season

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The holidays are certainly about giving and giving to a friend in need is no exception. Sure there are presents, what about the gift of time? Believe it or not, not all friends have family around them during the holidays, so that’s where you come in. Whether you have an elderly friend in the neighborhood that needs some cheering up or a friend who simply needs someone to spend time with during the holidays, it’s a simple act of giving that you can provide without feeling like they owe you something. Not only will it make your friend feel appreciated and loved, it will help you truly act out the gift of giving. Now that’s what the season is all about.

Attend a Few Fun Functions with Them

If your friend doesn’t like to be social during the holidays that’s understandable, but sometimes socializing and making new friends is just what he or she needs. In fact, if they’re comfortable either during the holidays or the New Year – they might consider checking out a seniors dating site. Getting out of their comfort zone will help them feel less lonely and it will also make them get excited about new possibilities. Socializing with your friend will hopefully give them more self-confidence and they’ll look forward to getting to know new people and reaching out to others in return.

Bake Them Holiday Desserts

If a friend has a sweet tooth and you happen to love to bake, why not prepare a few desserts for them during the Christmas holiday? It will certainly make them smile and they’ll have fun eating the desserts with you while catching up over drinking a cup of hot cocoa or watching a favorite TV show that you both enjoy. If they love to bake as well but prefer some company, bake with them! Then you both can take the dessert over to another friend and share the gift of giving all around.

Invite Them Over for Holiday Events

If your family is comfortable having extra guests, nothing shows generosity more than inviting friends over that don’t have family around. They’ll be thrilled to spend the holidays with you and will also enjoy catching up with your family. Who says that holiday events only have to be for family members? Look deep and find out who is in need of a friend – the holidays are a time to give to someone so they can feel the joy and love of Christmas, the New Year, and beyond!

Sierra loves to write and she’s made her hobby a reality by becoming a freelance writer. She looks forward to spending the holidays with friends and family.

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