Tips + Tricks: Travelling With A Pet

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Many people will not go anywhere without their pets whether it is for a trip to the shops or a holiday abroad, they cannot bear to part from their dear Fifi for more than one second.

Many of us would agree that taking your pet on holiday can be fun and enjoyable. Choosing what beds to buy, carriers to use and toys to take with you is all part of the experience, but the best part is when you are both relaxing at your destination.

However taking our pets on holiday can be very stressful for both us and our furry companions and many people choose to leave their trusted friends at home. The good news is that your pet can have a holiday whilst you do too. There are many boarding facilities to choose from with many offering to spoil your dog rotten, which include spas and gyms, and some allow you to watch your pet whilst they are there.

Whether you choose to travel with your pet or leave them at a swanky kennels it is important to remember that this may also be a stressful time for your pet so it is your responsibility to ensure you take effective measures to make it as stress free as possible, unless you want your pet to end up looking like this:

There are many products on the market that help to calm your pets in stressful situations. These products should be used for a few days before to have the best results.

For dogs, Adaptil a synthetic version of the pheromone bitches release, which is used to comfort their pups, comes in a variety of forms including collars, plug in diffusers and sprays. The diffuser can be used in your home for a few days before your holiday. Then on the trip to either the kennels or your holiday destination the spray is perfect as it can be sprayed on their bedding, carry cases and car seats and the collar can be worn throughout their stay. You can even speak to the Kennels where your dog is staying to ask them to regularly use the Adaptil spray to help reduce their anxiety.

Zylkene is another product designed to reduce stress in dogs and is made from the milk protein casein. This only comes in tablet form but this can be good for the period your dog is in Kennels. Again it is important you speak to the kennels to make sure they are willing to administer Zylkene. It is important to be aware that many kennels will charge extra to administer any medication.

tips and tricks, travel, pets
Federica Diliberto

For your feline friends Feliway comes in a spray and plug in diffuser. Feliway recreates the scent that cats leave behind when they scent mark furniture by rubbing against them, as this smell naturally calms cats, therefore the absence of this smell in either a Cattery or a holiday home can cause anxiety. The spray is great for travel, bedding and furniture and the diffuser could even be plugged in whilst you are on holiday if they are with you.

Another important factor you must consider when deciding whether to take your pet on holiday with you is a pet passport.

The Pet Travel Scheme allows your pet dogs, cats and ferrets to enter the UK from certain countries without the need of the lengthy quarantine period. Although your pet doesn’t need a mug shot to obtain a passport there are certain requirements that must be met. More information on these requirements can be found here:

Whether you choose to take your pets with you or leave them behind calming products are very effective at making the experience more enjoyable for you both.

Happy holidaying!

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