Best Honeymoon Destinations Around The World

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What do the bride and groom have in common as they about to start their life together? Their personalities will dictate where to spend their honeymoon. Some people love the beach, while others are adventurous travellers. A honeymoon is meant for two people; it is a destination where happy beautiful memories will be made.

The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas can be the perfect destination for a wedding with its quirky unique chapels and lavish motels. Even you don’t get married there, it’s a great way to spend an exciting honeymoon. The Bellagio is a romantic spot with magnificent gardens and a world class spa. You will be pampered and treated to lavish gourmet dining but only a short stroll away, an action packed honeymoon awaits you, should you so desire.

Ayana Resort & Spa, Bali

Situated high on a hill overlooking Jimbaran Bay, each guest is treated like royalty at Ayana. Accommodation ranges from motel rooms to self-contained luxury villas with your own butler and chef. You can stroll around the immaculate gardens, take a ride to the private beach or sip cocktails watching the spectacular sunset at the famous Rock Bar. Allow yourselves to be pampered in the plush day spa with its full range of Balinese treatments.

Bora BoraLagoon Resort, Tahiti

You will have the ultimate in privacy perched in an over water bungalow at this luxurious resort on an island in the lagoon of Bora Bora. A canoe will bring you breakfast each morning, so you need not leave your bungalow. You can relax and snorkel while your own personal chef prepares a feast for you both at a secluded part of the island. Simply relax your days away on the beach or take part in tours and shark feedings.

Camino Real Acapulco Diamante, Acapulco, Mexico

Made famous as John & Jackie Kennedy’s honeymoon destination, this resort is still popular with honeymooners. With its year round warm temperature, this is the perfect place to swim and snorkel at the private beach. Nightlife is only a short stroll away.

Grand Hotel Florence, Italy

The city of romance, Florence is overflowing with culture and epicurean delights. Leisurely stroll hand in hand and take in the historical art that meets you at every corner, including the magnificent Duomo Cathedral. The Grand Hotel, overlooking the Arno River, will leave you breathless with its unique decorative frescoes. The hotel is a former 18th century palace.

The Seychelles

Located far off the African coast, this is an island paradise which seems to have been made especially for newlyweds. With balmy weather all year round, your stay in a luxury resort will give you all the romance and privacy you are looking for. Why not have a pampering spa and massage prior to your romantic dinner. This is definitely a destination for two.

As you sit planning your wedding invitations, give a lot of thought as to where you would like to spend your honeymoon. No matter where you go, your honeymoon destination is a special time just for you two. Escape, Indulge and pamper yourselves a lot, as the real world will return only too soon.

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