Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

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The most hardworking men in our lives deserve a treat this Christmas and here are just a few Christmas gift ideas which I know every dad out there will definitely enjoy and appreciates:

  • Car detailing vouchers  ~ you know how men and cars go together, right? Am sure dad will love it very much if he can have this as a gift this Christmas. Watch out for those groupon sites as they usually come out with promos for this kind of service quite often. If you can save on those vouchers, you can put another  surprise for dad under the Christmas tree 😉
  • A surprise hotel accommodation ~ since dad is always busy at work, he hardly has time to unwind, relax and smell the flowers, now that the holidays is near, so are the free time off work, this is the best time to whisk dad away in a quick getaway to the nearest travel destination you can imagine, a staycation to a posh hotel in the center of the city or whatnot. Book a massage, room service and the works. Give dad the remote and let him have the time of his life!
  • Spa treatment ~ not only mums deserve to be pampered, dads also need this the most since they are always stressed and tired from city driving, as well as with work-related concerns, so get him an appointment to your favorite spa for a pedicure/manicure treatment with a foot/hand spa to boot! Am sure even a toughie dad will enjoy it! 🙂

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