December Photo-A-Day Challenge #2: 2012 Events I Won’t Forget

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Here’s my second entry to December Photo-A-Day Challenge and for today’s prompt, 2012 event I wont forget, these two events are shoe-ins:

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Halloween 2012

This year’s Halloween was extra special as it was the first time the little man has don a costume and actually enjoyed doing it. He did not want to take his Batman costume off even when it was time for us to eat! He also won 3rd prize for best costume, so what more can we really ask for! ūüôā

blog hop, Jared, Jared'snook, milestones, Jared's firsts

Our 3-day trip to Baguio

Another memorable event for this year will have to be our much-awaited vacation in the City of Pines. It was the first time we’re actually embarking on a long journey with the little man, and the first family travel we had in ¬†years, so this one will really go down the books as one of my favorite parts of 2012. Jared enjoyed our trip very much that I hope we will have the chance to do this more often. I cannot wait to plan our travel adventure for 2013! By the way, you can check our more of our photos and our Baguio travel stories on my travel blog.¬†

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