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Some people really want to do different things when it comes to their wedding. They want to provide a unique experience for their guests, and make a memorable occasion for themselves. Here are some different ways that you can make your wedding more fun and interesting for your guests.

Play a Game

The first thing you can do is play a game at the wedding reception. Most weddings themselves are pretty straightforward, but once you get to the reception, that’s where the fun begins. Some people have decided to break the ice at their wedding receptions by getting everyone involved in a game. It can be with the entire wedding, or just by table, but this is a great ice breaker for your guests to get to know each other, especially if you have a mix of people who’ve never met before.

Give a Fun Gift

Another way to make your wedding memorable is to give everyone who attends a fun and memorable gift. This can be hard depending on your budget, but you can give something they’ll remember forever. Some common examples include shot glasses, hats, or even shirts that say “Went to the wedding and got the T-Shift”. These can be clever or heartfelt.

One wedding I went to had everyone get a collectors edition glass Coke bottle. Since you don’t see those very often, it was a very fun and unique gift to get at a wedding.

Share Memories

Finally, you can always make your wedding memorable by sharing memories. A popular way to do it is to rent a big outdoor led screen, and display photos on it for everyone to look at during your reception. It is especially fun if you try to include photos of everyone attending the reception with you. That way, everyone can see and comment on the memories that you’ve all shared together.

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