Children: Is Bunk Bed Suitable For My Kid?

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Now that your home is completely renovated and all of the rooms are spacious and clean, it’s time to start thinking about the style for your children’s bedrooms. One of the possible options for the rooms is a bunk bed. Is this the bedding option for you and your family?

Multiple Children

Presumably, most bunk beds are going to be more expensive than a single bed as they are designed to sleep two people. If you have only one child, then half of this piece of furniture is going to go to waste. If you already have the children to fill a bunk bed then it would be an efficient way to utilise limited bedroom space to give them more room to play. The philosophy extends if you have three children, with triple bunk beds a popular option. This could also be a good purchase if you’ve got two kids but planning on having a third, this will let the older children adjust to the fact they’ll share the bedroom with another sibling soon.

The Children’s Age

Bunk beds are generally not appropriate for toddlers or even youngsters who are still in the early primary grades. The main concern is the height of the top of the bed. When children do not yet quite have enough control over themselves in their sleep, they could fall from the bed and be seriously injured. If you absolutely must have bunk beds for your children, then consider putting a rail on the top bunk bed so this issue is resolved.

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The Height

As previously mentioned, the height of the top bunk is a major concern when you are selecting bunk beds for your children. When children have a fear of heights, a bunk bed is really not the best way to help them get over it. One suggestion is to put the frightened child on the bottom bunk, pending that the other child has no issue with heights. Another consideration is whether the child on the top bunk has sufficient climbing skills. It is usually a ladder that leads up to the top bunk; stairs are generally not part of such an arrangement.

The Cost

Another point that was briefly mentioned earlier involves the price of the bunk bed. In the majority of cases, they will be more expensive than a single bed; however, they could likely cost less than the price of two separate beds. Review the budget to figure out the type of bed that is most cost effective for you. Of course, it is so important to choose beds that are made out of high quality materials. You do not want the bed to have dangerous lead paint in it. Furthermore, the bed absolutely must be sturdy if your precious little ones are going to be climbing in and out of it.

No one answer exists as to whether or not a bunk bed is appropriate for your child or children. When space needs to be saved, yes, a bunk bed is a logical option. However, children also need to meet all of the other criteria to ensure that the bed is a safe and sound place for them to sleep.

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