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I know I’ve been on-and-off with this blogging thing and it has been ages since I made a personal post. But I do hope you won’t tire of those out-of-nowhere posts, either, as this is where this mum gets to earn her keep! ūüėČ

Anyway, this month, I’d really love to change the tempo and to inspire me more to blog about something personal every single day, I decided to join the December Photo-A-Day Challenge which is hosted by Mama Making Changes.

Today’s prompt is all about smile and this is my entry:

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The little man gives me more than enough reason to smile everyday. Not only because he never fails to get one from me whenever he flashes that winsome smile of his, but also because I find all his antics endearing and funny, that even when I am at my most vulnerable state and is  just a few inches from throwing a tantrum, I always end up smiling whenever he does. He is one sweet little man and he sure brings joy and happiness into my otherwise drab existence.

Thank you for the smiles you brought into my life, baby, just when I needed them the most! ^_^

By the way, this challenge is also a hop, so do join us:

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